[ANN] ETH transactions are being slowed again due to recent rapid rise in fees

in blocktrades •  4 months ago

We've seen a number of transactions dropped on etherscan due to this issue, so we're temporarily increasing the fee our ETH wallet pays relative to the default recommendation from the wallet to increase transaction speed.

Note that the slowdown will also likely affect the arrival time of ETH payments you send us and there's nothing we can do on our side to speed up those transactions, unfortunately.

Hopefully the rates will stabilize soon (or even better drop back to more typical rates again).

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Everything built off Ethereium ETH blogged DOWN :(

Will the EOS airdrop model eventually usurp the dinosaur-esque stodgy old laborious ICO model that ETH seems to currently be at the forefront of?

Hello @blocktrades

We already know, and this community is never in doubt of your sincerity. It is therefore very kind and professional of you to inform the community in accordance with acceptable business ethics. Thanks so much as this publication will serve to keep the community up to date as to happenings with ethereum.


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

@blocktrades Actually ethereum coin loan is now being slightly slow, because Havvy may be due to the load, but Ethereum coin seems to be the best coin to me, I think ethereum SECEND bitcoin, what do you think Sir??? PicsArt_06-30-06.46.00.png

So many transactions including ICOs and token transfered so it's natural

So many transaction .

my transaction still pending

Soon we see what happens .

Hi @blocktrades I have gone thru your post and understood the reason for delay in eth transaction price. ETH seem to be a growing currency and they must stick to a fare pricing and shortest processing time.

Etherscan seems to be totally down at the moment

No decentralized blockchain protocol are ready to handle that kinda traffic yet. Ethereum currently have problems with high uncle rate occurring when the blocks are full and have high gas limit. It's annoying but understandable.


What is with Bitshares, Steem and EOS?

Thanks for this, now I have answers for a friend who keep asking what's the problem since yesterday.
Thanks for your undiluted help in this platform @blocktrades.

I believe in your service

Just waiting on Casper and Sharding


The market will not wait, it will just pick a solution, which can scale.

wow great sir..

without blocktrades idk what the fuck I would do!!

This isn't a clog, it's just highlighting issues that need solving before true adoption can manifest. System issues like this don't need to be viewed so negatively.

thanks for all you do to help me with transfers into various crypto assets

I stopped trading in ETH DEX because of this fees.

Nice if transaction over load like this happend

I'm new in steemit.how to grow in steemit?

Hello I would like to get in touch with you if I can, because today my account was broken and it made a transfer of 109,000 STEEM on blocktrades and if I could recover it again?


Hi, unfortunately there's nothing we can do as the order has already processed.


I understand, I have no chance to get my coins back, or who she went to. Thank you very much

Hi Blocktrade .. do you all have a referral or affiliate program??

Well yes I have seen this issue in one of my transaction it did took longer than it usually takes.

While this issue gets fixed soon enough !

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if transaction over load like this happend

upvot me

Can you tell me why you stole my money?! Do you feel proud of yourself?! CONGRATULATIONS!

good night yesterday I made a transaction with you, to pass my byteball to steem which there was an error and it did not work but I discounted the byteball there is no solution in this? Greetings, I hope a quick response @blocktrades

Is it how much fee with exchange eth?