Sharpe Capital: The World’s Best Digital Currency Investment Fund

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In a world where cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming the new norm for transactions, is important to have the tools to handle our investments with precision and accuracy. The FIAT market has the instruments and the structure developed to handle money in the most efficient way, while digital currencies have the technology to make every transaction more secure. And the only way that both markets will be able to catch up with the other is through integration, that way we can look forward to mass trade where cryptocurrencies can grow to their true potential.

The realities of the current trade market

Every market share plays its own dynamics based on two basic premises: The quantitative worth of an asset that drives its price on an open market, and the perception of investors of said asset. This is why some digital currencies command such high premiums. Now imagine for a minute that you had a model to manage these factors under one roof in the cryptocurrency world.

A new tool for investment

This is what’s being offered by the people of Sharpe Capital. Lewis Barber and James Butler are the minds behind this initiative that is being set as the world’s first investment fund for digital currencies. The platform it’s being built with two instruments that complement each other: one it’s a tool where users can offer their personal appreciations about the dynamics of the digital currency market. For each correct appreciation, they will be rewarded with a commission in Ethereum. The other instrument is the trade model of Sharpe that will be based on the forecasting of our partners. That information will prove essential in the quantitative trade model of the company to keep reinvestment and dividends payouts flowing.

The tokens behind the project

The people at Sharpe Capital are looking to fill the void of hedge funds by launching two tokens in their ICO: SHP and SCD.

  • The SHP is the main token and it will be offered during the initial coin sale. This token provides the tools for the initial partners to access the hedge funds proprietary model. Is the token that users will acquire to build their reputation on the platform as they make precise assessments over the direction of the market?

  • The SCD is a token that will be issued after the ICO to all SHP original holders on a 1 to 1 basis, this is the instrument that will pare cryptocurrencies with global financial instruments on the same level as them. The token will be able to public trade under standard protocols such as the ones used for stocks and other commodities. The endgame of SCD is to provide liquidity to the all transactions made with it.

By using the latest technology on artificial neural networks, under an algorithm that studies the patterns created by our own users Sharpe Capital is getting ready to work in the open by merging two worlds that need to acknowledge each other sooner rather than later. The company is currently following their roadmap to precision and they expect to launch by 2019.

For more information about the current stage of this powerful initiative, you can visit and take a quick look at our friendly diagrams explaining their evolution.


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It sounds like a good project and the rewards for investment seems to be a great opportunity. I will keep an eye to Sharpe Capital to see where is going.

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The tokens behind the project

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