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MyEtherPony The Newest Crypto Game

When I first heard about blockchain games I sort of didn't pay much attention. Then cryptokitties and Steem Monsters were both massive successes, So I decided to investigate the newest game on the block, MyEtherPony. Anyone who is into crypto should be familiar with blockchain games.

Enter MyEtherPony A blockchain digital pet game based on My Little Pony the cartoon with all the creepy adult male followers called pony bros. This game isn't just for neckbearded basement dwellers, its for everyone! Does your daughter want a pony? Well ponies are expensive, crypto ponies are much more affordable!

How it works

  • Game is played with ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each ERC721 pony is different, and therefore each one could have a much different value. Rewards are given in ERC20 DKL (Dekla) tokens which will have a standard value.

  • There are a finite number of Generation0 ponies available, though users can breed them in addition to collecting them and trading them. Digital scarcity has proven successful in cryptokitties and steem monsters, and that strategy is also being used here.

  • This could appeal to a wide variety of people like digital asset collectors, gamers, virtual pet enthusiasts, nerds etc

  • No identical ponies, each pony has unique abilities and has it's own statistics. Each pony has a unique set of genes making each one different.

  • You can both trade and breed ponies.

  • Each pony has an inner power that will not manifest until adulthood. It will be one of: fire, wind, water, thunder, or metal.

  • Your pony will have a happiness index, so you better take care of it .

  • There will be a leader board

  • There will be both group and 1 on 1 competition based game play, messaging, personalisation etc

  • Too many new coins do nothing new, just another bitcoin clone. Myetherpony offers a reason for users to come back, a game that encourages social interaction and offers real rewards. Getting paid to play games is a dream job to many people. These types of games have so far proven extremely popular. If I were a betting man I would guess this will be popular too...

  • There are additional rewards for contributions to the community, improve the game and get rewarded.

  • Pony auctions are safe and transparent, because you don't want your kid getting ripped off by some hacker.

  • Ponies which are breed will have a blend of each parents genetics, just like real life. It will be impossible to know before breeding what the offspring will be like.

  • In order to keep the value of ponies high there is an option to turn your pony into a non breeding unicorn. Or a winged Pegasus...


There are going to be races!

Pony races! And the whole farm economy around raising ponies will be part of the game. The game will also involve everything: care of ponies, competitions, feeding etc.

#Could educate more people on blockchain

Blockchain and the token economy. People can have fun and win rewards. MyEtherPony plays to create a whole ecosystem on the blockchain that users will return to, over and over. If you have kids it could be a great way to introduce them to the blockchain. It also appeals to a pretty wide range of different demographics, and MyEtherPony promises to tailor the experience to the specific user.

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This post is not promising any profits or promoting this game as an investment. This is not investment advice. This blog was written for a possible reward on

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Blockchain games are a new trend. Perhaps just a few people know about Cryptokitties and steemmonsters games, however these games are big successes among blockchain users. They tend to reach everyone through different channels, such as rewards (e.g. ERC20 DKL tokens). Moreover, the main characters are ponies and other loved creatures by larger audiences, which can can be breeded, collected and traded. More importantly every pony is unique and has its individual statistics. Another game related to the above is MyEtherPoney. One advantage for the users playing this game besides rewards the offerings of a large pallet of options such as happiness index, leader board and social interaction. And one more thing that can make you interested, your pony can turn into a unicorn or a Pegassus, what else could one wish for!? Fun and rewards are entangled in these games, reaching new users of the non-cryptocurrency affected part of the economy. In this respect we at Blockbasis understand the need for cryptocurrency to be easy to transfer with and exchange. That is why we have developed a platform where users can send and receive creptocurrencyes like Bitcoin, Ethereum with only an email address.

Is there a way getting a free EtherPony? Its promising somehow like cryptokitty.


Not sure...

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