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Viitasphere is the economy of the future, where everyday patrons, rather than a central power, control the economy. It will be a peer-to-peer mobile app which allows its community members to search for and provide local services and goods. Working for oneself and experiencing financial freedom has never been easier. Whether the member wishes to offer goods for sale or operate their business providing services, Viitasphere will give them the best place to do both. And since our platform will not charge transaction fees, every penny paid for a product or service will go directly to the person providing it. None of that money will go to Viitasphere, as it is solely the platform that connects its users. This will make it possible for both parties to benefit in a true peer to peer economy.

The current economic system is set up on a foundation that is terribly unstable and easily manipulated. At present, fiat money and fractional reserve banking is the source of our currency. Unfortunately, we are all operating off of an economy whose foundation is built on debt. Central banks control the distribution of the money and are the cause of debt and inflation. Because they create and control the money, the scope of their power is seemingly limitless. Their affairs, regardless of how frightful, come to fruition because they can pay authorities to look the other way. They control the media, fund wars, and even rig elections. Viitasphere is here to assist people in gaining back their financial freedom and allowing them an alternative that is free from the machinations of counterfeit and fraudulent fiat money. Viitasphere is not only an alternative, but it is also the very future, and the platform for which all transactions and movement of currency will be built upon.

People from all four corners of the world will be able to use the app to offer and request goods and services. They’ll be able to do so using any currency they prefer, including cryptocurrencies and even our very own VIITA Coin as a universally accepted currency. The positive effects this will have on parts of the world with a troubled economic landscape are limitless. With more people able to achieve financial freedom and work for themselves it will tilt the power back in the direction of the worker and average citizen.

Viitasphere will soon be looked at as one of the leaders and future champions of the entire blockchain. People will put their trust in a platform that has real value and offers a solution to a real need. Our platform will pave the way for not only our own success, but also the success and prosperity of all our members. It is going to completely reshape how we think about and navigate in the world of commerce. The world and its billions of inhabitants are ready for a change. Viitasphere will lead the charge and spearhead the coming changes! Are you ready?


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