A big thanks for making VeriME's pre-sale successful

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Greetings from VeriME!

We are delighted to receive such a humongous contribution from your end.
As our Pre-ICO is coming to an end, here are a few things which happened with VeriME this week.

On Token Distribution

Our third round of token distribution has been scheduled early next week. Participants will receive the email on token issuance.
Follow this guide to add VME as a custom token to your MyEtherWallet on VeriME's Medium Publication.

Funds Raised

We are excited to announce that VeriME has raised USD 6.89 Million in its pre-ICO.
Those who haven't contributed till now, can so till 4th Feb 2018, by visiting the link below. And yes, contributing now you get 45% bonus on the contribution you make.

Contribute Now: Visit VeriME ICO Page

VeriME ICO - Online Reviews

VeriME ICO has been reviewed by top YouTube channel Perapi.
See what Perapi is saying about our ICO on:

Youtube channel - Perapi

Pre-ICO coming to a close soon

Our Pre-ICO is ending on the 4th of February. Contribute now to receive 45% bonus for your contribution.

Important Notice: We have decided to push our crowdsale date from 1st February 2018 to 1st March 2018, in order to consolidate the contributions received through pre-sale and investments made by institutional investors.

You can utilize this period to whitelist yourselves or let your friends know about our crowdsale and starting from 1st March 2018, conveniently participate in our ICO.

In case you have any queries regarding our ICO, please feel free to get in touch with us on Telegram and BitcoinTalk.


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