Is Nevada NOW a Free-Trade Zone for Cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain applications?

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I caught a great article from the new fellow Steemian, @tom.ter just now. The article comes from ZeroHedge and brings attention to the fact that most of the land in the western United States is owned by the Federal Government.

A Map_of_all_U.S._Federal_Land.jpg

@tom.ter makes a very rhetorical point in his post...

"I hope the free market takes care of this mess with a new decentralized technology."


Interestingly enough @tom.ter, the HIGHLY Federalized state of Nevada JUST passed some very interesting legislation regarding Blockchain Technology. In this video, published Jun 15, 2017, talk show host Vin Armani examines a brand new law in his home state of Nevada. That giant Blowing sound you'll hear will be Blockchain projects, en mass, flocking to do business in Nevada. Won't this be interesting?

~Quixotic Malcontent

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All the enthusiasts flock to the parts of Nevada not owned by the cia :P

Cryptos, marijuana and brothels. An interesting state



Nice article.
Resteemed , upvote and following.
I Would apreciate a resteem on my last article if you find it interesting.