Denver to Use Blockchain to Record Votes in Upcoming Municipal Elections

in blockchain •  2 months ago

Denver, Colorado, USA will use a blockchain to store and track votes in May's upcoming municipal elections.


In collaboration with Tusk Philanthropies, Voatz, and The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), Denver will implement a program to allow overseas voters, active-duty military personnel and their eligible dependents to vote via a smartphone app. eligible voters must file an absentee ballot request and complete an authentication process through the Voatz mobile app and submit their ballot between March 23 and May 7.

Participating in this pilot program fits perfectly into our mission...We believe this technology has the potential to make voting easier and more secure not only for our active duty military and overseas citizens, but also for voters with disabilities, who could potentially vote independently and privately using their phones’ assistive technology. ~ Jocelyn Bucaro, deputy director of elections at the Denver Office of Clerk and Recorder


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I've always thought that the outcome of the elections isn't really up to the voters, but those who honorably or dishonorably count the votes. May this transition send a trend for the better!


I really hope so, one of the most valuable ways this tech could be used!