TOP Network Translation Campaign is On!

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Original Article

Language of Translation

3000 TOP tokens for selected translation

1500 TOP tokens for proofreading


  1. You are required to join TOP Network Telegram group and News Channel and register on Telegram Bot.

  2. You are required to register in this Google Form to participate in this campaign. After registration, you have 48 hours to submit your translation. If you fail to submit in 48 hours, we might cancel your right to participate this campaign. By registering, you agree to do translation and proofreading.

  3. We strongly recommend you to actively contact with the community manager of TOP Network before submitting your translation. We will contact these participants if more translation campaigns are made in the future.

  4. We will strictly obey “First come, first serve” rules in this campaign: we will stop accepting more translations after 48 hours from the first coming one. We still accept the participation to proofread in this case.

  5. We will accept at most 3 translations for one language. The choice of the best one will be made by our trusted users or partners. The other 2 will get the right to do proofreading for this translation.

  6. We accept at most 2 people to proofread for the translation.

  7. Please do not publish your translation publicly before we officially choose your translation to prevent plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated in this campaign.

  8. We will close this campaign ANYWAY on 00:00 AM UTC+8 , March 13th

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