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RE: Crypto Contest August 12: Sensorium

in #blockchain2 months ago

Hello to all the steemers participating in this contest...

First of all I want to thank you for buying some more time & taking part in the contest, it's encouraging to see you fighting for crypto adoption and that's so thrilling and for that I have decided to tip the winners of today's contest.

@maarnio you know how we get down. just drop the names of the winners and I will tip all of them.

More giveaways & sponsorships coming your way, I will try my best to tip the winners of the contests held daily by our kind buddy @maarnio so we can engage more and create awareness on crypto adoption.
Till then, see ya at the finish line.

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Here are the winners:
novelcoronavirus, coruna, steem-d-anlovnit, eii, jorgebgt, yorra, blackyear, bigdonald, faki, cooleye, simonjay, stnr, vaco, bntcamelo, m29, diogosantos

here are the tips to the winners plus a double bonus tip to the contest holder 👍


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