Blockchain - How it will impact the Legal Profession and What You Need To Know

in blockchain •  3 months ago

Blockchain is making a profound impact on the world. Not only for cryptocurrencies, this technology promises to change many industries. One of these that will impact you is the legal profession.

This is going to affect anyone who lives in society governed by laws. If you know what is happening and how to take advantage of it, you'll be able to capitalize on those changes to your benefit.

In this interview I talk with two blockchain-savvy lawyers who know both tech and the law very well. They speak in plain English showing you what is happening and how it is going to change our world today. This is a video you'll be glad you watched --- and took notes on while watching! Notice what Shawn McBride and Anessa Santos say about the profound ways that blockchain is changing our world.

Please leave a comment here my fellow DTubers and Steemians. I so appreciate this community and the support we give each other. Thank you very much for watching. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your upvote!

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