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TransactionSpeed and Fee comparison.png

Some of our new Steemit users might be new to crypto currencies and wonder what else has the STEEM Blockchain to offer other than powering social media apps like Steemit and DTube.

Information for our new users joining steemit and the STEEM blockchain.

This info-graph presents the advantages of the STEEM blockchain, specifically regarding Transaction Speed and Transaction Fees. One of the most important features new users / investors are looking into when selecting a blockchain are, how fast can it process my transactions and how much in fees do I need to pay.

The STEEM blockchain has a relative low market-cap compared Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum but don't get fooled by that!

The STEEM blockchain processes more Transactions per day than any other Blockchain!

This information is not widely know yet but can be verify on the blocktivity site. I encourage any new user to research this yourself !

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 17.19.38.png

So what are the key metrics on that site and what does it mean. Lets go through this step by step.

  1. Activity
    Activity shows the number of Transactions per day. In order to get a better view I have listed the Average number of transactions per day which takes the average of the last 7 days. You see that the STEEM blockchain takes the lead over all the other popular blockchains by far!

  2. CUI (Capacity Utilisation Index)
    This is a equally important metric because it shows how much capacity the blockchain uses. You see that even thought the STEEM blockchain is the most powerful when it comes to Number of Transactions, it only uses 0.11% of it's capacity! Think about that for a moment, this is important.

The STEEM blockchain can handle many Million Transaction more without any capacity issues, that is huge!

Finally look at the price of STEEM. If you agree that Transaction speed and Transactions Feed are a crucial part for any successful blockchain now and in the future, well than you hopefully agree with me that STEEM is at a bargin price when compared compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I hope this information was helpful to you. If you don't agree with anything in my info-graph than please let me know. Even though I am 100% into STEEM I want to be sure I share correct information with you about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

All the best!


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Thank you for all the information ! :)


Hi Lisa, I am glad you find it informative.


For the first time in my life I found something that I believe it’s got a future.
Happy to be here and have to read more news because it’s helping me a lot
Thank you

beautiful post, thanks for you, like tish post, following up voted


Thank you!

Awesome!! Very insightful

bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency

nice is happyness time when a new steemer gain money.i love it.

Good information.
I'm pretty sure my clients won't pay me in Steem (for some reason it's easier for them to pay in the more commonly known currencies), but for small personal investments and to get a real feel of the industry, Steem can be good to opt for.


Yes I agree, STEEM is perfect for payments and transfer money in my opinion.

Nice post @tarekadam Thank you very much for sharing with us


I am glad you find it usefull!

good analying @tarekadam.Thanks for sharing information.

CUI ... great info, ty !


Thank you, yes the info website is great.

you have simply analysed it in a way we all can understand..thanks for that :)


Thank you, I am happy you find it informative.

This is really incredible to know about the potential of steem.


It s the indeed! Steem on!

Steem all the way up in transactions and the prices are now doing justice to it finally gone to the mainstream flow :)

steem could clearly see the clear skies now its time to fly high with steem

Thanks for the information i am also new to this field and i need to know more about crypto and steem. @muhammadismail92