MAGOS - A Complex Forecasting Model Based On A System Of Five Neural Networks.

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MAGOS is a perplexing estimating model in light of an arrangement of neural systems. Each system plays out a particular assignment, and their cooperation creates a gauge with a high level of precision.

MAGOS reinforce is the center piece of the meander. Is applies the anticipating model to various stages, and trades the purposes important to a sharp contract for a further spread between the token holders.Finally, MAGOS token («MAG») performs two sorts of limits in the structure: it connects with holders to get benefits by every single extra operation, and gives them voting rights in grasped's change through a voting framework on the blockchain. 

MAGOS is a convoluted assessing model in light of a strategy of five Neural Networks. Each structure has its own particular reason and their forces joined stipends to imagine conceded results of occasions with high accuracy, beating the party. The foundation of MAGOS is measured arrangement that help updates and change of the new highlights. 

Their vision is to join basically change looking over most distant inspiration driving Neural Networks with blockchain advancement. MAGOS fortify, directed by AI and controlled by their social affair, will be passed on the Ethereum oversee. At first pulverizing need markets and sportsbooks, it will progress and wander into various fields, for instance, Digital Asset Management, where the speculations of MAGOS will be fitting and crucial. 

A Neural Network can be depicted as a thing beguilement of a trademark cerebrum, with motivation to see how to see charts in immense data. Once the framework has been set up on data tests, it can make gages by seeing relative cases in future data. Because of it's ability to learn, Neural Network can be called certifiable Artificial Intelligence, or AI. 

What are the results? 

The open trial of MAGOS started on February, 2017 and continued going 4 months. An untouchable site with the open after of unnoticeable parts was used. The guaging of e-sports – extraordinary among other making betting markets – was picked as a testing reasoning. 

The results have shown that MAGOS can hold a critical edge over the resistance, broadening net positive returns after each season of testing, with the general ROI (Return on Investment) of 28%. 

MAGOS will be making benefits by applying guaging to various spaces on various stages. Each and every one of the central focuses will be moved into the Ethereum sharp contract with the running with diffusing: 

1. 85% to the token holders 

2. 10% re-place again into the MAGOS reinforce 

3. 5% utilized for the working costs

What are MAG token and what's their inspiration? 

MAG is ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain. It can be used as a touch of both dynamic and separated way. Token holders will get benefits by all the extra operations, and can use the token voting part to change specific parameters inside MAGOS, including advantage course. 

Each and every token holder will have the capacity to ensure month to month benefits from MAGOS evaluating. The complete of consistently will present a 5 day «token lock» period, in the midst of which holders will be met all requirements to recuperate their offer of benefits. The quick and dirty guide, and headings for various Ethereum clients will be disseminated before MAGOS first month to month profit allocation in Q4 of 2017 on the official site. 

Token arrangement: 

MAGOS Token arrangement and the relating Token creation process are dealt with around clever contracts running on Ethereum .Participants willing to enable change of MAGOS to can do all things considered by sending Ethereum or Bitcoin to the relegated addresses.A part should send ETH or BTC to the record after the start of the crowdfunding period (demonstrated on the official site). Token arrangement closes when the measure of advantages in ETH proportionate sent to the record accomplishes the best, or on September 30th, 20:00 UTC.

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