Crypto 20 - World's First Tokenized Cryptocurrency Index Fund

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Crypto 20 - World's First Tokenized Cryptocurrency Index Fund

Cryptocurrency is a computerized money that is made and managed utilizing impelled encryption frameworks known as cryptography. Advanced cash made the hop from being an scholastic idea to (virtual) reality with the making of Bitcoin in 2009. There are currently a huge number of Cryptocurrency to look over, with more appearing each day.

Choice paralyzes - choice adds cost, complexity and the need for advice. High risk, extreme volatility and practical difficulty compound to render buying

and safely storing an effective and diverse portfolio of coins

(cryptocurrencies) a complex problem. CRYPTO20 offers a unique solution in the world of cryptocurrency, appealing to any investors who feel overwhelmed by the research involved or concerned about the risks. All things considered, digital money markets are known for their unpredictable nature.

CRYPTO20 is the worlds first cryptocurrency-only tokenized

index fund. The portfolio will autonomously maintain a diverse portfolio of the top

20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization similarly that finances, for example, the Vanguard 500 keep up a portfolio in light of the advertise capitilization of the best 500 freely listed US companies(the S&P 500). To continue following the market (index) after some time, CRYPTO20'S asset portfolio is adjusted regularly in a procedure called rebalancing.It is an aggregate thing and the ICO continues go towards purchasing the hidden resources and not to pay for the advancement of a platform.Each token represents an investor’s share of the underlying assets. CRYPTO20 evacuates the arbiter and is along these lines prepared to offer the most minimal expenses in the industry.

C20 Tokens:

The C20 tokens have been particularly joined to the points of interest that underlie the stage. This takes into consideration a liquidation alternative inside the smart contact. That unique option protects your asset price while guaranteeing it can't go underneath the offer of fundamental resources the token represents.


There will be no token creation, minting or mining after

the ICO period. Tokens will be transferable and tradable once the ICO is successfully completed and the underlying assets have been procured. Crypto20 token is an Ethereum Blockchain base token.There will be a total number of 86206896 tokens accessible. Now Let's take a look about token distribution and structure-

» Token Type: ERC20 – Ethereum Blockchain

» Maximum Supply (Hard Cap): 86 206 896

» Available for Purchase: 75 000 000

» Minimum ICO Contribution: 0.04 ETH

» Minimum Raise: $2 000 000

Price per token:

» Pre-sale (1 Week, up to 7 500 000 tokens): $0.95

» Pre-sale & first 48 hours of ICO: $1.00

» 48 hrs to Week 4 of ICO: $1.05

Week 4-6 of ICO: $1.10


- 7.5% C20 Team

- 0.5% Advisory Team

- 2.5% Marketing and Investor Relations

- 1.0% Legal

- 1.0% Security - Systems and Smart Contract

- 0.5% Bounty Program

- 87% ICO Participants


CRYPTO20 has executed security industry best practices for assurance against Sybil assaults and bad actors in co-operation with their team of expert advisors. Strong identity verification and authentication procedures are in place to ensure secure operations. Transparency in CRYPTO20's trading activities and current property will be ensured utilizing view- only exchanges APIs and also through confirmation of save for non-exchange wallets ( this includes both hot and cold wallets).


» Initial Research and Development:

January - April 2017 – Developed the team and concept;

conducted thorough backtests to determine portfolio

hyperparameters; set wheels in motion to create a com-

pliant legal structure.

» Develop Smart Contract and Autonomous Trading System:

April - June 2017 – Developed innovative CRYPTO20 smart contract to best practice specifications; developed

back-end for multi-exchange trading.

» Finalize Smart Contract and Trading Protocol:

June - July 2017 – Complete smart contract to audit- ready state. Optimized autonomous index trading algo- rithm to mitigate front-running and slippage. Consultation with industry expert advisors.

» Test Trading System; Security Audit:

July - September 2017 – Security audit and code review process. Trading system tested and completed.

» C20 Token Pre-Sale:

7th October - 14th October 2017 – Token pre-sale:

» C20 Token ICO:

16th October - 30th November 2017 – Token ICO.

How one can invest in the ICO?

Investing in CRYPTO20’s ICO is very simple.Let's take a look-

» At first all you need to make an  account on their official site or signing into your current account. An account is important to guarantee your investment progress is transparent and give simple entry later on.

» You will moreover need to verify important information for avoiding fraud.This will likewise make your account secure.

»Once your information is verified, you can start investing by submitting your ETH wallet address, which ought to be the place you like to get the C20 tokens. This should not be an exchange address.

» Then, you can send your investment in ETH, BTC, or LTC.

» You would then be able to see your investment balance, deposit amount, and the amount of C20 you’ll receive on your account page.


The CRYPTO20 group has completed the development of the exchanging framework. The ICO funds (98%) will go towards buying the underlying resources. A little distribution (0.5%) is made for legitimate expenses to guarantee that CRYPTO20 is agreeable with endless supply of 

trade exchanging and an entire review of got supports by a noteworthy reviewing firm. CRYPTO20 and its digital currency 

trade exchanging and an entire review of got supports by a noteworthy reviewing firm. CRYPTO20 and its digital currency 

What Assets Does CRYPTO20 Hold?

The portfolio for CRYPTO20 will be set up as a hybrid type based on an index trading strategy. All the ICO subsidizing will go toward buying the cryptographic money resources that underlie the store. By holding only one token, investors can expand and basically put resources into the main 20 crypto assets. In other words the assets will be divided among the top 20 cryptocurrencies. The digital currencies will be rebalanced each and every week and are chosen based on market capitalization. Every benefit has a most extreme weight of 10 percent, so no advantage can overwhelm the general portfolio.

Team Members:

For more information:












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