What's the reason the Chinese are banning crypto mining operations?

in blockchain •  13 days ago

Banning the processors that are outdated to preserve energy conservation.

The headline is too catchy to resist! This only applies if you're under the sovereignty of China or elsewhere with similar standard. It appears China is advancing the green initiative to reduce wasted energy used on outdated processing systems. I've provided a link and will tell a little of my view of this blockchain story.

Basically crappy processing exists, it's liable to fail, and the altcoin market isn't growing as fast as the rate of the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin skyrocket is new to me personally. My entry into crypto came in January of 2018. I watched as the BCN would Byte the dust with processor overload resulting in process kills costing BCN its value. The blockchain is random as BCN in the altcoin market. The variables of consideration where governance application provides allowable changes faster than the weather. Internationally variables in legislation are created with reasons. The fabric of blockchain is supported by international token holders and news travels fast. Find out why this is a great thing in the video below with cover photo supporting crappy processor with giant X on it.

Is China supporting the climate initiative by preserving energy? You tell me!

It sounds like the Chinese are eliminating the possibility of substandard mining operations. Legislation may offer the Chinese government the ability to crack down on crypto mining. What does that mean? Mining crypto is basically supported by offering devices processes to the blockchain. Imagine the broadcast that peaks and drops off. Why does it happen? The processes got killed because there was too much bandwidth to pass? We see in the blockchain that kind of failure comes at a cost. The Chinese government's limitation according to this post says it all in a YouTube cover photo.

This post has declined payout enjoy the broadcast below with additional explanation to make sense of the "CHINA CRYPTO MINING BAN!" Will processes hash faster with updated devices? Will sales of new devices boost the blockchain economy? Will Bitcoin reach the enormous numbers projected by multiples of analysts? We've seen the rise and fall since the day of our entry on a crypto exchange. The devices the devices. This is like updating your CMS. But, requires legislation to support the economical improvements.

Will the after market inherit these older devices or will they be used for alternative purpose? Anything can happen...

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