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Blockchain! WTF?

in blockchain •  5 months ago

Anyone seen this ad for HDAC? Seems they paid to get it on at prime time during the world cup, but I expect most people are mystified by it. What does 'Blockchain Secured' mean? HDAC seems to be some combination of blockchain and home automation, but what can you gain from that? A blockchain is really just an audit trail. It offers verifiability, but for automation speed is privacy are more important. This article was not impressed.

It reminded me of this fake ad that was used to promote the Humans TV show, but that is much better made.

Another mention of blockchain I heard was on the Programming Throwdown podcast. They cover various technical topics, but it seems they don't always do enough research. One of them says something like 'I heard about a blockchain blogging thing called Steamed'. Er, not quite. I shall leave them a comment to put this right. I am surprised not to see more podcasts on Steemit that are not just about this platform. A lot of them ask for donations to at least cover costs, but they could be earning here.

Have you seen/heard Steemit mentioned anywhere recently?

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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"What does 'Blockchain Secured' mean?"

It means that 35 million people have heard the message that blockchain means security.

That is great.

People also saw that "blockchain" means taking care of your family.

Also great.

Like you say, the next step is to get the "Steem" name out there, with similar positive associations:

"Socialize To Economically Evolve Mankind:" STEEM. :)

Wherever I mention Steem , nobody knows it... even after my marketing lol...


We need to correct that situation. I hope Steemit Inc will do some marketing when they feel the platform is ready for the masses. That may be in the next few months if we get hardfork 20 soon.

I think blockchain has a lot of potential, but moving something there just because you can, doesn't always make the most sense. For example the cell phone they are talking about making that is based on blockchain just seems silly to me. Maybe I don't understand it all, but I feel it is just unnecessary.


Everything needs more quantum :)

Kudos to them for being the first ones to launch an absolutely massive TV advertising campaign - sounds like they didn't hit the mark but - subliminally - how many people have now heard of the word Blockchain! Slowly breaks down some barriers!!


It does seem like they are using a buzzword to get attention and it has worked to some extent.


Laser-trimmed precision with nanoparticles and quantum dots on a blockchain substrate. It doesn't get any better than this!

Looks like another one trying to insert the name 'blockchain' to capture peoples imagination.

Whatever they are providing has probably little to do with decentralization. Which is perhaps the reason why blockchain technology caught hold of our attention in the first place.

Artificial Intelligence is surely doing wonders in the world.
The things that were not expected to be happen are happening now by the AI technologies and blockchain is maybe AI itself.
Who knows :D