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Blocking is a very useful thing. It is being used in many spheres of human activity. Many people treat crypto-currencies with caution. Do not risk investing all your money in digital assets. There is also an opinion that this is a soap bubble, which will soon burst. But with a blocking situation, the opposite. This is a technology, of which many speak only in a positive way. Even ardent skeptics crypto-currency, which, by the way, work on the basis of the blockbuster, come to the conclusion that the applied decentralized technology is the future. This is seen by both private specialists and statesmen. Therefore, already at the highest state level, they begin to integrate into many processes of blocking. However, he has a number of limitations. One of them is a small bandwidth.

The low level of bandwidth became pronounced last year, when the game about crypto-seal seals came out. Each action with digital kittens was recorded in the Ethereum blockade system. As a result, the game just "broke" the network. The speed of operations in the network has drastically decreased. This once again proved the real problems of the network. Therefore, today the developers are trying to solve this problem with minimal resources. Many of the best specialists began to think about how to change the existing block system in the simplest and most effective way. To do this, apply a variety of approaches and techniques that allow you to find alternative and different solutions. It should be noted that the developers who are busy solving the problems of the existing block, but also create new bases for projects. So, some projects promise to develop a new type of detachment, which will be several times better than its predecessors. Such a project is QuarkChain. The developers claim that they will present in their development of the blocking version of the third version. More advanced, improved, faster and with greater bandwidth.

In order not to be unfounded, the team has already shown MVP. So called the minimum viable product. In it, more than 2,000 TPS were discovered. Experts who evaluated the project gave a positive result of the technology used. The technology of the project is built on a two-layer architecture. It has the ability to easily scale and has a high performance. For innovative projects, this is very good. In their immediate future, developers want to reach a figure of 10 thousand TPS. However, the most distant goal of the project is to reach 1 million TPS. If you can develop such a technology with such a TPS, then the platform is waiting for an incredible commercial success.


QuarkChain's two-tier network systemcontained the first layer. It was called the "block of splinters." It is also called the "shading block". The second layer includes the root networks. The level of fragments or shards is made up of small chains. Each chain represents a block. All chains are processed by a large number of transactions. In this case, everything happens independently of each other. The second layer includes the root chain. The main function of such a chain is to carry out the process of confirming blocks that are processed on the basis of network fragments. In this case, there is no separate process for processing operations. In addition, from the point of view of applied technologies, the QuarkChain project is able to work with two types of operations. As with fragments, and with cross-shards. All transactions with fragments are conducted between addresses and the same fragment.

ICO project on preliminary information will be held in late May - early June. The coins are called QKC. The project aims to collect as much as $ 20 million during all sales of tokens. The total number of coins is 10 billion. The coins are made according to the general ERC20 standard. Platform - Ethereum. During preliminary sales, the price will be set at 1 ETH = 39416 QKC. For early investors, a bonus of 25% is available. During public sales, the rate will be 1 ETH = 31533 QKC.

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