What You Should Know About the Sgame Pro™ ICO Structure

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The online gaming industry, though a very promising sector, is filled with problems that can be solved via blockchain technology. An apt demonstration of this is the Sgame Pro™ mobile games aggregator platform, which is the first ever mobile gaming platform built on blockchain which will allow players to mine crypto-tokens simply by playing their favourite games on it.
Through the SGM or Sgame coin token, the sole mode of transaction across the platform, a sound ecosystem will be created, benefitting players, publishers, merchants and influencers alike. The main token sale will begin on September 12, 2018. Here’s what you should know about the ICO.

Token Supply and Allocation

The Swiss-based company, Sgame SA, is the parent company that will be conducting this token sale. A maximum of 350 million SGM tokens will be issued during the ICO, of which 139.5 million tokens have already been sold to long-term strategic partners, with a lock-up period of up to 14 months.
In the upcoming ICO, a maximum of 55 million tokens will be put up for sale at a price ranging from CHF 0.10 to CHF 0.12. Ether will be accepted as a mode of transaction and the exchange rate between CHF and ETH will be set 24 hours prior to the launch of the token sale.
An initial reserve of 83 million SGM tokens will be retained by the platform to reward players. An additional 6.5 million tokens will be allocated for airdrops and bounties. The tokens left unsold will be burned by the company.

How Will the Funds be Used?

Almost 9% of the funds gathered will be used to cover the ICO expenses. The platform plans to spend the remaining 91% of the proceeds from the crowd-sale for product and business development.
The major portion (42%) will be dedicated to marketing activities. Sgame Pro™ has already collaborated with major influencers, such as Pewdiepie, the #1 gaming YouTuber, to widen its marketing efforts across multiple digital platforms. Apart from this, the brand will conduct local events, sponsored e-sport challenges and other guerilla marketing tactics to expand its base in countries like Japan, India, France and Spain.
For platform development activities, 29% of the funds will be reserved so that gamers can constantly enjoy cutting-edge solutions and online gaming experiences. For this, a team of highly experienced professionals will manage the scale-up process, and for them the company will reserve 20% of the funds, under the head of operating costs.

The Future of the Sgame Pro™ Platform

The ERC-20 based standard utility token, SGM, will be the sole mode of transaction across the platform, thereby negating the need for using fiat money to buy gaming accessories. After the business has been established, the owners of the platform would like to issue a security token that would allow investors to participate in the revenues of the company. The token will only be issued under Regulation D to accredited investors in the US, along with 8 other countries, where most players on the platform are located.

The company will be assisted in its ICO by two leading technical service providers, Eidoo Sagl and BitIncubator & Venture SA. To learn more about the ICO, visit sgamepro.io and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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