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Any observant person will easily notice the increasing speed of life. The world around us turns faster and faster, and the crypto market is no exception. Due to the increased interest from users, the cryptocurrency market is expanding at an amazing pace. Each user of the network can create their own currency, which leads to the emergence of hundreds of new coins every day. Even experienced traders can not always sensibly assess the prospects of investing in a particular coin - the increasing complexity of the market requires more time and effort to understand its basics. This can serve as a deterrent for investors who are afraid of losing their funds.

The problem was solved by the developers of the project called Tradelize. They position the platform as a set of tools for profitable trading and cryptocurrency investments, created on the basis of the experience of professionals. Based on this definition, Tradelize you can meet both beginners and experienced traders.

Platform structure

The product consists of three main parts:

  • Tradelize.terminal - used by professionals to make transactions;*
  • Tradelize.scorekeeps the blockchain statistics of transactions of Tradelize.terminal. Based on this information, the rating of traders on the platform will be compiled. In two months of the system operation, 80% of the funds collected on the ICO will be distributed among the 300 best traders;
  • Tradelize.web - will allow ordinary users to use any strategy from the number recorded in Tradelize.score.

Thus, everyone wins. Traders get extra rewards for sharing their experiences, and regular users have the opportunity to use strategies of more experienced colleagues to use their assets more intelligently.

The product offers a simple and clear interface that organizes a direct exit for trading on large crypto-currency exchanges. The tools offered by the platform allow you to quickly and effectively assess the volume and depth of the market and analyze transactions. The information received from different exchanges can be seen in one window.


Details ICO

TDZ tokens can be used for payment:

  • the fee for the use of the experience traders from Tradelize.score (it is planned that it will be 10% of the transaction);
  • other types of commissions and services provided on the platform;
  • as a source of income from referrals.

In total, 50% of the issued tokens will be sold at the price of $1 per coin. The developers have planned three stages of the presale with a bonus of 15% to 30%, depending on the stage at which the tokens are bought. They are held from the first of may to 14 July. Three stages of crowdsale will be held from July 15 to August 31, the received bonus will vary from 0% to 10%. Hardcap - $30 million.

The coins will be distributed as follows: 20% will be given to the bounty campaign, as well as distributed between the advisors and the team; 20% will be spent on the development of partnerships, the remaining 10% will form a reserve Fund.


Use of funds: 80% will be given to 300 best traders, 10% will be spent on marketing, 10% on business operations.


The team of Russian developers can boast of many years of experience in the field of trading and investment. In particular, the General Director of the project Anton Zapolsky worked for 10 years at the new York stock exchange. Igor Sabadakha, the operational Director of the project, is a certified financial analyst, whose main specialization is the analysis of transaction strategies to assist in making investment decisions.



Existing exchanges do not have the right set of tools for effective trading. Tradelize provides investors beginners and professional traders an opportunity to earn good money. The business model is designed to attract experienced participants and exchange their experience for money. The possibility of smart trading will attract inexperienced players to the platform. This should appeal to investors who can evaluate the demo versions of the modules on the developers ' website before participating in the ICO. Tradelize has high prospects and chances of success, those who want to participate in the token sale will still have time to make a decision before the end of the ICO in August.

All additional information about the Tradelize project can be found in the official sources:

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Good article mate. This looks like a splendid project. I accept as true with this project has a good destiny.

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Very good and interesting project! I am delighted!

Good job. It is felt immediately that this is a strong project!


Good job. It is felt
Immediately that this
Is a strong project!

                 - vesna1

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Nice project, great team! I've been following them for a long time and I advise everyone!!!

I am sure that this project will benefit in the future, so I will advise all my friends to join as soon as possible and not to miss your chance to be in this project!

That sounds promising. I read social media and realized that I was in business!

"Very interesting information! Thank You, Sergei!
I advise everyone to join and follow the development!!!"

The project has a great prospect and great demand in the market. I am confident in the success of the project!

I give high praise to this project, I think they have great potential! I will definitely follow the project and its further development!!!