SLP Network - decentralized monetization of bonuses and loyalty programs

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Modern marketing campaigns can not do without a variety of loyalty programs that "educate" loyalty to the brand. In an attempt to bind the client to goods or services, companies use bonuses with a cumulative system, implying their subsequent exchange for certain discounts.

Studies have shown that none of the marketers have not achieved the desired result-the promise of additional benefits can not affect the change of taste of the consumer. But loyalty programs have become the trigger of the initial interest in the product. In the budget for the promotion of a new product — business is obliged to lay the benefit of the buyer.
Thus, bonuses have become a burden,and companies still need additional incentives to attract buyers or customers.

Problems of bonus programs

According to the audit of marketing evaluating various promotions related to discounts and cashbacks:

  • 59% of customers do not use the offered discounts or bonuses;
  • 54% of accumulated points "burn" unclaimed;
  • New marketing campaigns are unprofitable, as they attract less than 7% of unique customers;
  • Increased and premium offers increase the customer base only for the duration of the offer.

SLP Network is a platform for two-way solution of the above problems!


About the project

SLP Network developers provide companies and customers with a unique opportunity to place loyalty bonus programs on the blockchain. This gives undeniable advantages:

For business:

  • Get a unique sample for each user of the service, which will allow to evaluate the effectiveness and fine-tune the marketing company;
  • With smart contracts-link receiving bonuses to a specific transaction or track the consumption of each unit of goods;
  • Develop decentralized applications that launch unusual loyalty programs in the form of quests, lotteries, games, etc.

For clients:

  • Thanks to the mobile app, get access to all the shares in one place;
  • Using filters, set up a search for specific types of goods or services at the best prices;
  • Monetize bonuses by changing them to SLP tokens.

SLP token – undeniable advantages


The SLP token issued during the SLP network crowdsale is the internal currency of the platform on which you can purchase bonuses from any of the project partners. Thus, the user has an incentive to participate in loyalty programs, as any collected points can be exchanged for SLP tokens at any time, at a fair, market rate.

After receiving SLP tokens, the user can exchange them for Fiat currency or spend on goods of another manufacturer. The developers integrate a marketplace that allows businesses to submit offers denominated in the internal currency of the platform.

The business will have a unique opportunity to participate in a decentralized online store, where the purchase of goods for "free" SLP tokens will be perceived by customers as a "gift". This will allow to set a premium margin for the products and receive real funds for the implementation, automatically exchanging SLP tokens for Fiat through a special built-in service.

ICO conditions and the mechanism of distribution of tokens


The SLP token is distributed for the purpose of collecting funding for the creation of the SLP Network platform, in exchange for BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD. The total number of coins issued is 4 billion, for $1 you can buy 100 pieces of SLP tokens. The startup allocates 60% of the total amount of tokens to the ICO SLP Network, the team reserves 15%, and another 20% is deposited in the reserve Fund.

The investor can be anyone with a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH.



The SLP Network project is a universal key for bonus programs, allowing the user to always have the "best offer" from almost any sphere. This makes investing in the SLP token attractive, since it is diversified by a variety of advertising offers legally secured by a real public offer of the business.

The platform configuration includes a decentralized exchange that supports the exchange of SLP token for Fiat currency, so the cryptocurrency will be additionally supported by the liquidity of the community, in addition to trading on other exchanges.

You can learn the rules of participation in the ICO SLP Network, as well as learn the details of the project by following links:



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A promising company with great achievements.

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It is convenient that all transactions can be made from the user's web and mobile application.

It's great that the SLP platform allows users to exchange bonus points

This project really looks great and I can see a lot of potential.

A good platform, it will be necessary to read it in more detail.

It's cool that SLP will process and use tokenized loyalty points on a distributed blockchain platform.

The project is really very interesting. With this project, I think you can easily increase your capital.