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According to Market Insights Reports research, the charity market amounted to $ 747 billion in 2017. People make donations, ranging from single cases of giving alms to the disadvantaged in the subway, ending with large transfers to charities from legal entities or patrons. But the process of donations today is not particularly different from that which existed hundreds of years ago. As then, the main problem facing donors is the credibility of the intermediaries involved in distribution of the donation funds, but rather the lack of it. The only difference is that earlier this role was performed by monasteries, and now non-profit organizations. Today we will talk about a project that intends to solve this problem by automating existing donation processes, making them transparent. So, the Humancoin project.


Existing technologies of charity have a number of problems. They are not sufficiently automated, not transparent, and the human factor plays a leading role in them. And since trust is the most valuable resource, its absence significantly restrains the expression of philanthropic intentions in society.

At the same time, the process of charity, in addition to private charitable activities, also covers the market of social responsibility of companies, as well as their charitable activities. Together, charitable activities can cover a market of about a trillion dollars per year.


For what reasons do people want at first, but then change their mind to sacrifice more often? All these problems can be United in one word – trust. Indeed, we simply do not fully believe that our money will reach a specific, for example, a sick child. So again and again we postpone this moment for later.



The project team Humancoin came up with a brilliant solution – to unite all persons involved in the process of donating on one platform and to ensure that transactions between the technology of the Blockchain.

We are talking about such persons involved as:

  • charitable organization;
  • socially responsible company;
  • enterprises that allocate money to charity.

Thanks to the transparent interaction of these entities, the charity will become automated, so that it will acquire a different scale and will bring more benefits.


Today, an interface has been developed that allows you to send a donation to any country, track transactions and receive reports on the use of funds.


You can also generate a receipt that can be applied for tax deduction when you submit tax reports. This deduction depends on the legislation of the country to which the resident is located.


Also, the platform Commission with donations is provided. It will be 5%. This money will be spent on the development of Humancoin. It is worth noting that this Commission is 4 (!) times lower than the market average. This is an unsurpassed competitive advantage in the charity market.

Platform Humancoin really appeal to charitable organizations. It will allow to automate the process of submission of applications for state grants and the process of submission of reports. Now filling out the papers takes up most of their working time. Platform Humancoin this time will be reduced to a minimum.

загружено (1).png

Project team

The team of Humancoin includes experts in the field of professional charitable activities of international scale. As well as authoritative advisers on issues covering the necessary areas for the project.



  • The name of the token: Humancoin
  • Issue: 600 0000 000
  • Pre-ICO start: July 1, 2018
  • The end of the Pre-ICO: 15 Aug 2018
  • ICO start: September 15, 2018
  • End of ICO: November 1, 2018
  • Soft cap: $6 000 000
  • Hard cap: $26 000 000
  • Price CTA: 1 Humancoin = $ 0.01 USD
  • Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH



Humancoin is the coming revolution in the world of charity. Such projects have always been supported by the crypto community. The Humancoin project started its Pre-ICO recently, and has already collected a quarter of the required amount. It has high ratings on ICO project listings. A great project to consider as an asset.


Official resources of the project Humancoin:



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Very informative i really appreciate you for this effort. It helps alot about project.

The author of the well-reported their thoughts. The company really looks great!

Interesting project. If the soft cap will gather, so do the shoot anyway. Thank you for such a detailed review. For the first time I learned about the project from you, I will follow it in the future

First time I heard about this project, it was interesting to read the review

Thank you for a detailed and interesting review!

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I've heard about this project. Many scares in trading that there is no loyalty programs and all sorts of bonuses. The project aims to change this situation.

Great project. Team of professionals. Clear goals and ways to achieve!

hi nice article:-D

One of the most promising projects of this year, I keep track of it from the very beginning, already bought some tokens

I hope the developers will really focus on developing this project to make it one of the most successful ICO!