Endless Dappathon of EOS projects

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Hey everyone! On Sunday, the 5th of May at 16:00 pm UTC time, there will be a live, online dappathon, organized by EOS discussions and StakeMine. I'm helping a little with the organizations, and would like to invite everyone to the event!

The event is free of charge. More so, there will be one (or maybe more) token giveaways from the participating projects during the event. The orgs promise some extra tokens to those who register before this Sunday.

What's the event about: well, if you use EOS or some dapps that are written on top of EOS, you want to be here. The guys will discuss the latest news from the EOS world and talk live, AMA style, with some of the projects. For example, one of them is Stan Larimer from BEOS. Some of the others are: Sence.chat, Pixeos, Effect.ai, Switcheo, Dice.one, Metpacktoken, Dmail and a few more…

The event is free, but you must register prior to the start. You can do so here:



Does anyone know where I can convert the airdrops recurved so far for EOS or other Alt’s?

Try converting the tokens to EOS first via any dex

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