Work Smart Not Hard

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Work Smart Play Hard!

I thought that's a suitable quote to describe by working, why?

You know! Actually it is not working hard that all we needed, but instead of it the working smart that really. By working smart you just make something great, using your brain power, time managing, focused, and self-improving.

For instances, such as we surfed on the internet, there're who used positively which means gain something (Educated, knowledge, informations, and even more rewards/money) beside there also who used negatively by pishing, scamming, distrubing, hacking and a lot of negativity inside. Both of its can't be avoid, cause its real Different Pond Different Fish, there're no similar fish within one river but its also existed the other kinds.


So, what is the most needed on both of the explanation above. Indeed, it is positive sides that always on the right matters. Besides, it also affected the good upon you. So than, you can ease to working smart within. As we take a part in the rise of crypto currency issues/projecf/etc. One of them the blockchain's social media platforms who really intend to make people well-educated, profit, financials, insight, knowledged, informatives site. You know what I mean! That's #steemit as one of them as the most trustful social media platform that already rewarded a thousand billion people in the world cause their working smart through some creations within writing, singing, video, photography and many more kinds.

Its allright, you have the primary profession as the first resources to your life, but besides that you needed more smarter than before to utilized things that can be made through your brain power. Thats why working smart is the best words to replaced the hard is 😂.

Part to Considered!


Working smart isn't like you pull that machine trigger, or hammering somethings, but its beyond more. Its need your truly brain to integrated, such as insights, educated, and knowledge then latterly you will easily to defines your works.

By focusing, concentrating and managing your works through the brain power as the first source of power, you will created the good result ones.

Work Smart Play Hard!


The step of working progress needed a time, full self concept, and sometime its made you kind of bored, or even worst more stress!

Just relax!
Stick to the plan, follow the instructions, enjoyed step by step!

What is the interesting part in doing such project/working, put the words play hard on your mind after the work is done!

In short, this is like the doctrine to your mind in order to get the work done, so just dream it but do't too over reacted otherwise it will disrupt your mind!


Train your mind within the good self concept (focused, concentrated, managed, committed) so than you can ease to utilized the real brain power working!

Just stick to the plan!
And underlined that all you need is Work Smart Play Hard

Thanks for passing by,

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