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Cryptocurrency Market Dominance

Total market capital:


Total 24 volume:


Active currencies:


Active assets:


Active markets:

Name Market Capital (usd) Volume 24h (usd) Available Supply
Bitcoin 111,701,762,874 4,337,571,491 17,254,950 BTC
Ethereum 22,316,999,892 1,680,753,518 101,817,028 ETH
XRP 11,717,982,924 228,206,216 39,650,153,121 XRP
Bitcoin Cash 8,667,788,973 378,948,633 17,336,013 BCH
EOS 4,615,358,590 676,915,133 906,245,118 EOS
Stellar 3,934,799,485 63,448,787 18,783,267,141 XLM
Litecoin 3,311,188,893 237,282,271 58,191,128 LTC
Tether 2,762,207,461 2,883,014,618 2,756,421,736 USDT
Cardano 2,191,140,570 45,332,786 25,927,070,538 ADA
Monero 1,855,194,494 35,139,409 16,386,782 XMR
Name Price (usd) Change 1h (%) Change 24h (%)
Bitcoin 6,473.61 0.16 -0.02
Ethereum 219.19 0.53 -2.91
XRP 0.30 0.25 -1.94
Bitcoin Cash 499.99 0.22 -1.78
EOS 5.09 0.30 0.04
Stellar 0.21 0.85 4.30
Litecoin 56.90 0.59 1.17
Tether 1.00 -0.13 0.14
Cardano 0.08 0.24 -2.70
Monero 113.21 0.60 -0.62


Rank: 37
Price: $0.83
Volume(24h): $8,743,406
Market capital: $228,786,538
Available supply: 276,533,144
Total supply: 293,507,238
Percent change (1h): 0.06
Percent change (24h): -1.88
Percent change (7d): -12.66

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