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The making of Mycro is engaged to take care of a specific issue related with practically all people all around today. Mycro Jobs give the correct responses to specific inquiries, for example, For instance in the event that you need to have a spotless condo yet can not discover an opportunity to do it without anyone else's help you should simply post the activity posting legitimately on our wonderful Mycro app and ensure you'll be rapidly placed in touch with an individual from the network who can help you in a moment additionally for individuals who need to profit rapidly and effectively all they need to do investigate the Mycro app and get a new line of work that suits you splendidly.
Utilizing Mycro is exceptionally simple. Appply for work get paid and utilizing the decentralized peer-to-peer network. Additionally post offers of employment individuals apply and your concern is understood. MycroJobs is releasing the intensity of nearby networks and p2p network by executing our protocol to associate people. Thanks to this evolving platform, we will open the ways to turn into the world's biggest market for ongoing occupation coordinating.

Significant service accessible on MycroJobs

Home Services

Cultivating, cleaning, storage, cleaning up, minor fixes, window cleaning, washing, pressing, cooking

Delivery services

Shopping, driving services, transportation services, conveyance services

Virtual Services

Internet look, travel arranging, bolster services, office work, online reviews ...

Specific services

Tutoring, photography, demonstrating work, piano exercises, computer installation, TV installation, DJing, server service, setting up an Internet association

The achievement of Mycro depends altogether on natural usability. The needs of employment suppliers and occupation searchers must be met rapidly and easily. This happens by coordinating the correct offer of employment to the privilege seller. Only then can the two gatherings achieve their goals. A great job item for the activity provider. A pleasant and worthwhile employment scanning platform for the agent.

Usefulness of MYO tokens

The MycroJobs platform can be utilized to buy Work Use Mycro Token (MYO) to all the more likely position yourself in the activity board dashboard. This enables you to decide the measure of your costs yourself.

As a Reward

Get MYO from the network rewards pool for its decent evaluations after fruitful jobs and the constitution of the Mycro people group - constrained by a smart contract.

As the Currency Of the platform

It is normal that you can utilize Mycro Tokens (MYO) to pay for jobs - dependably and securely, utilizing a smart escrow understanding.

MycroJobs Token Sale

Mycro needs to settle a noteworthy social problem. Thanks to MycroJobs peer-to-peer network for straightforward undertakings, we give individuals authority over their time and money. During the CO, a limit of 100 million MYO will be created. The softcap will be come to at 3.5 million euros.



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