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Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience, bitJob offers students the opportunity to earn income and sharpen their skills while enriching their resumé, all within bitJob’s blockchain-based ecosystem of networking, compensation, rewards, and incentives.

STU went LIVE on QRYPTOS on February 21st, 2018. QRYPTOS is QUOINE’s fully digital cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform launched in June 2017.

Available pairs on QRYPTOS include: STU/QASH, STU/BTC, STU/ETH.

Today, we would like to feature STU as our chosen Coin of the Week to explain what creates the outstanding performance of STU on QRYPTOS in the past weeks.

Problems that the coin seeks to address

The STU economy and bitJob platform seek to solve an age-old problem: gainful student employment. Most of us have dealt with the “education vs experience” dilemma; one must have both education and experience in order to vie for meaningful jobs. However, it is difficult to obtain relevant paid work experience without completing said education. This is where bitJob comes in. The team intend to provide meaningful and relevant work experience to students via our revolutionary platform, helping students gain valuable work experience and build their resumes.

How the token (currency) help in that process?

The STU token economy, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a decentralized and low-cost solution for student payment. Besides facilitating the payment of students on the platform, students can exchange funds peer-to-peer and purchase goods and services from the marketplace. The team envision a one stop shop solution, specifically tailored to the needs of students around the globe. They believe providing an easy to use token economy for students will foster widespread adoption, which is beneficial to the entire sphere.

Business model description

bitJob’s technology merges the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancer-centric bidding sites with Ethereum Blockchain, creating the first Hybrid Blockchain Project that allows for peer-to-peer connection with employers and students.

bitJob is also a Semi-Decentralized platform, using both centralized payment methods (fiat money) and decentralized digital crypto currency, developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts. bitJob will enable students to earn a stable income with their free time, enriching their portfolio and engaging with digital currency for the first time.

Market size

The global student market is a massive and growing market. There are more than 500 million students around the world desperate for jobs and for expanding their occupational experience.

Here are some examples:

India — 315,000,000 students
China — 26,200,000 students
USA — 21,000,000 students
Germany — 2,700,000 students
Canada — 1,700,000 students
Netherlands — 800,000 students
Israel — 300,000 students

Target customer base

bitJob envisions 4 target customer bases; the students, the educational organizations, employers, and our partners. Students benefit from access to meaningful employment on the platform. Educational organizations benefit from partnerships with employers, which can provide relevant opportunities for the students, as well as skill development. Employers have access to a global marketplace of student workers, driving down costs and ensuring a quality, committed workforce with a low cost of acquisition. And finally, partners can take advantage of a readily available market by having easily accessible products and service offerings for students using the platform.

Purpose of the coin and holders’ benefits

The STU tokens Took part in a social project & a global movement which have raised more than $3M from 2,000 different Supporters. For the Future of our Children!

Thanks to STU tokens, you can apply for a job, earn a living, and get the best affordable deals and services designated for the student audience.

You can use STU, the first blockchain based student coin, to join a global network of employment, financial services & online merchants and to enable a decentralized & transparent future for our next generation.

Thanks to STU tokens, you can gain exposure to segmented commercial communities, empower Students rights to unite globally by enriching them with innovative business opportunities around the world.

The team’s plan for scaling transactions as this is probably the biggest problem in the Crypto ecosystem?

The use of the Ethereum blockchain is our first step towards scaling solutions, as we have found Ethereum the most mutable blockchain. Given the attention focused on development, we believe Ethereum will provide the best opportunity for rapid implementation of scaling solutions as they emerge. With that being said, we are also considering new solutions and on the hunt for new technologies to maintain our platform transactions module. We believe that solutions like Raiden and Lightning and similar networks will be strong enough in the near future for massive usage, determined by how soon and stable those protocols will prove to be.

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