REVIZOR-800 Million Initial Coin offering

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Revizor is an innovative project in the field of regulation of the cryptocurrency market the main task of which is to create software tools that would filter a wide range of assets by absorbing unpromising tokens. advantages of Revizor coin is that till date there is no similar project in blockchain about a thousand different coins as a result of the introduction of Revizor will be absorbed Making it possible to blockchain system cleaning. Revizor coin is the only coin that does not need mining as its owners will constantly increase their capital in a certain arithmetic progression after each absorption of illiquid coins our advantages exchange of illiquid coins the principle of revizor is the creation of a range of tools that allow filtering exchange flows from deliberately unrealizable and fraudulent crypto assets Bank of data. Revizor coin analysis of financial flows is an essential advantage of the Revizor project it is an information field in which will regularly appear information on absorb tokens. Revizor coin TV one of the priorities for the Revizor team is the creation of its own television channel Revizor coin TV will expand the cryptocurrency information space on the sphere of television auction represents a unique platform for the development of the blockchain community.

Systematically revizor will conduct auctions at which the absorbed coins will be exhibited about revizor coin a significant reduction in the number of inefficient crypto active assets revizor is the first crypto derivative the absorbed assets will be considered publicly on our channel and in social networks among them there are interesting projects but due to the shortage and lack of advertising these projects did not gain the declared capitalization and lost value after the acquisition of such coins an auction is held by us for auctioning the crypto derivatives of illiquid tokens which will be of interest to individual companies for the completion of these projects and their relaunch in an improved form technology the principle of revizor is the creation of a range of tools that allow filtering exchange flows from deliberately unrealizable and fraudulent crypto assets it envisages the creation of online revizor exchange system of illiquid crypto assets on Revizor coin the exchange will be made automatically for each category of coins will be established its profitable course for everyone the degree of liquidity of a particular crypto asset is ultimately determined by the market itself Revizor will significantly reduce the number of inefficient crypto assets this fact is a positive influence on the market for the following reasons from this the creators of other tokens will win — which attention will be attracted and accordingly the freed investments advantages exist for the cryptocurrency market in general this is because there is a direct correlation between the growth in the number of successful and reliable projects and the arrival of new investors on the market whose interest will increase significantly the cryptocurrency market with the help of Revizor will be rid of the reputation of the soap bubble the pyramid as there will be a filtration of the market from assets that have a high level of investment risks with the help of revizor our algorithms it will be possible to easily predict the degree of benefit from conducting an ICO.

ICO Token distribution

Total issued 800 million RevizorCoin:

— 30% of coins will be distributed at the ICO stage conditions for the exchange of illiquid coins: buying 1 RR on the stock exchange, a purse is opened with the possibility to exchange illiquid tokens to this purse.
— 70% of coins are reserved for the exchange of illiquid crypto assets on RevizorCoin this project is necessary in connection with the daily receipt of these currencies

The situation described above is hypothetical. The purpose of the example is to show an eventual scenario.

Fundamental Reform of the cryptocurrency market

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