The Art of Blockchain - ArtPro

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The Art of Blockchain - ArtPro

With globalization, new technologies are emerging in the environment in which we live, having an impact on society as a whole. Cryptocurrencies are a novelty that is inserted in the context of globalization.

Currency values ​​have their own influence to increase or even decrease the trade value of a business. Significant changes can cause prolonged turmoil and require a long time to recover. This condition can also affect most parties involved in trading activities and force them to look for better opportunities to defend themselves.

ArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell art over the web. A user-friendly platform harnesses the many benefits of blockchain technology, enabling ArtPro to restore the trust that has long been missing from the art industry. Instead of relying on third-party authenticators, ArtPro favors a consensus mechanism that delivers a secure, decentralized system.
I like projects where the creative team works And there is no doubt that the creative team is at ArtPro.

What is ArtPro?

ArtPro Believes that the blockchain is a revolutionary, industry-changing technology, much the same as the Internet before it.
The purpose is to provide a decentralized platform named ArtPro, a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting the buyers and sellers of art, fortified by a verification system which ensures the legitimacy of the artwork on sale. The Pro in ArtPro stands for provenance, referring to the ‘chain of title’. To explain this term for a non-art audience, this is the record of documentation which supports the origins, ownership and authenticity of any piece of artwork. Since the blockchain is an immutable, unchangeable ledger, it lends itself perfectly to store this kind of information, ensuring prospective buyers that the chain and record have not been altered. It is imperative, therefore, that the information which finds its way onto the blockchain ledger is accurate in the first place.
The evolution of money as we know will change, and the evolution of every industry all the time is fast, this strongly imply that Cryptocurrencies projects, probably in many forms, will be in our future.
I have faith inArtPro platform because they already have developed an actual working product.

How It Works

Connects participants and stakeholders
Allows art to be browsed and filtered by type, price, artist and style
Acts as an information-rich portal for art lovers
Provides strategies for appraising and acquiring art
Enables transactions using the native APT token


There are several people who have not yet realized the importance of crypto-currency for the global financial market. However, a party has already realized or is realizing.
Crypto-coins represent a true revolution in the process of buying and selling products and/or services nowadays. With just a few clicks and reduced costs, you can get goods from distant countries, with reduced costs. And best of all, without all the bureaucracy that existed before.
This is not surprising, because due to the decentralization of the cryptocurrency, it has become a very competitive differential for many companies, especially those that operate in the international market.



The ArtPro Platform offers works from emerging and established artists. Whether you’re a collector or an investor, ArtPro has something for you


Digital certificates stored on the blockchain provide complete provenance for every piece of art on the ArtPro platform


The ArtPro Marketplace uses a rating system to encourage transparency, set buyer and seller standards and drive confidence

The ArtPro Platform


Using the ArtPro platform, artists and galleries can acquire and register provenance certificates that attest to an artwork’s owner and date of creation. The ArtPro platform uses the ERC721 non-fungible token (NFT) standard to assign a unique identity to each artwork. This enables its lineage to be traced and transferred, whilst preserving the owner’s anonymity.
The metadata of the token includes a hash of its transaction history. Every time a sale or trade occurs, the latest block number, along with a piece of data attached to the art, is hashed again and stored and the token’s metadata is updated.
This way, the movement of art within the ArtPro system is immutably stored in the blockchain, and the authenticity of each transaction can be proven by cross-referencing it with the corresponding Ethereum block.


Token name: APT
Token type + designation: ERC20, utility
Number of tokens minted: 500,000,000
Unsold tokens: Burned
Public sale price: $0.15
Pre-sale price: $0.1
Accepted currencies: ETH
Soft/Hard cap: $5m/$20m
Team lockup: Six-month cliff, two-year vesting
Advisor lockup: Six-month cliff, six-month vesting

Official Website:


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