Good Gravy! There are a Whole Bunch of Different Sites on the STEEM Network!

in #blockchain5 years ago

I have seen a bunch of different sites to participate in on here. It is cool to see that they are decentralized through the STEEM blockchain.

I have viewed similar sites to these but they are sometimes prone to censorship and as a mild anarchist I am not crazy about that. Also some of them try and pry into my personal information. Also not a fan of that. If I wish to share my information it should be because I had a choice in the matter. Privacy is very important to me as well as the freedom of anonymity.

I am going to list them in order of appeal and usefulness. I like that these are community driven projects. Where I get to choose whether or not I enjoy the content on these sites.


Decentralized Tube platform


A Decentralized MEME site for laughs.


An alternative to "Twitter" where you get paid for the short form content that you create.


A great way to help improve tools and sites on the STEEM blockchain and get rewarded for it, possibly.


A blockchain transactional viewer for checking out statistics.


Another but simple to understand blockchain viewer.

I haven't been here long so give me a chance to poke around and find some other things to chat about.

What other sites do you think would be good to engage in?

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