Notable Characteristics of $mart Investment Ecosystem

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$mart Fund is the one-stop blockchain investment solution for both investors looking to make profit and developers looking for funding. Many investors are very skeptical about new project they consider investing in as a lot of scammers now come up with fake project to rip off their money. This also makes it difficult for developers to get adequate resources to fund their projects as there are fewer investors who are willing to invest.

What is $mart Investment Ecosystem?

The $mart investment ecosystem is made up of a $mart Fund and a number of DAPP projects invested. The entire system is completely decentralized and uses voting method in choosing DAPP projects with clear profit model on Ethereum and real-time dividends to invest in.


The $mart investment seeks to solve the fundamental issues facing newly emerging projects, and that is getting investors. There are currently numerous digital currency projects springing up and it is getting increasingly difficult for investors to choose good profitable projects. Getting information on the few good projects available on time is also a major problem faced by investors. Developers also have their own problems, they face extreme difficulty in raising fund to finance their project.

$mart investment give investors the opportunity of investing in only projects have clear profit model on Ethereum and give developers the opportunity of getting funding for their project.


Characteristics of $mart Investment Ecosystem

The $mart investment ecosystem has eight (8) distinctive characteristics. They are listed below:

  1. Democratic Decision: The entire process from proposal, voting to investment is completely decentralized and spontaneously completed automatically. 1% of the $FD members can call the smart contract to initiate the investment proposal, and other holders can call the smart contract to vote. Voting will be allowed within 72 hours from initiation and when it's over, if it has a support rate exceeding 10% and exceeding opposition rate the vote will be passed and the smart contract automatically triggered to trigger the investment.

  2. Clear Profit Model: All investment targets are all DAPP based on the Ethereum smart contract, and they are projects which have clear profit model as profit making is the core motive of smart investment.

  3. Real-time Dividends: $mart fund ensures for real time allocation of project income to $FD holders. When invested project generates revenue, the smart contract immediately transfers it to the $mart fund, and the $mart Fund in turn allocates it to the $FD holders in real-time.

  4. Automated Process Management: The entire management process of the investment is automated. There's a purchase limit and redemption limit ensuring for moderate level of price changes.

  5. New Rebate: For new investment project, similar to income mining, the resulting ETH income, return $FD the highest value of two (2) times the specified proportion the value of the ETH income.

  6. Staking & Unlock: The $mart Fund can be stacked to enjoy the projects real-time dividends, and vote to participate in investment decisions. The $mart Fund is transferable after unlocking.

  7. Invitation Priority: You can use the $mart Fund priority ticket token to cut queue and enjoy the preemptive right to purchase. The inviter can enjoy the invitation incentive and the invitee also had a discount.

  8. Risk-free Arbitrage Chain: The price of the fund is usually lower in the primary market than the secondary market. After you purchase in the primary market you can sell in the secondary market to achieve cross market arbitrage. If the arbitrage space disappears, funds can be withdrawn at any time without risk.

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