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Name: SpesCoin
Ticker: SPES
Algo: Cryptonight
Total supply: 1844674407 SPES
Mining: POW / POS (Migrating to POS at some stage)
Premine: 10% SPES
Block Time: 100 sec
Block Reward : 49.4778 SPES

Quiet times in cryptocurrency is not a time to moan about low prices rather it is a time to consolidate your understanding of the blockchain technology on the projects you are invested or interested in, and look out for new ones with potential to grow and give you the early investors advantage. One of the such projects for me is the #SpesCoin.

The Community

I found the #SpesCoin project on the first day and joined immediately. There was the option to run a seednode for the team and I embraced it. What stood out for me was how the SpesCoin's Dev got the community to be involved in pretty much everything. I particularly liked that it was not all about getting on an exchange to pump and dump the coin, but to build it. The only unfortunate part for me is that I would have loved to mine this SpesCoin. That being said there have been opportunities to earn the SpesCoin and I have taken advantage of those I can do.
There is a very active hands-on team on Discord

"SpesCoin is a new cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote protocol using Cryptonight algorithm. SpesCoin endeavours to help non-governmental charities reach their goals, mainly focused on disaster charities and children’s charities. SpesCoin makes it easy to support your favourite non-profit or pro-social cause"


  • Privacy
  • Passive Income when POS kicks in
  • Quick Transactions
  • Cryptonight


SpesCoin is getting ready to be listed on Exchanges. If you are just hearing about this and would like to trade or contribute to the growth of this gem, visit us on Discord and join one or all of our bounties:

  • Bitcointalk Bounty
  • FaceBook Bounty
  • Twitter Bounty
  • Miner's Bounty
  • Discord Bounty

More details on each of these can be found on our discord channel

Learn more about SpesCoin:



Thank you for visiting me. Do you mine SpesCoin? are you already an investor? Do you have any tips to share? I like to know what you think about #SpesCoin. Please leave a comment, upvote and resteem


What is the amount of specscoins to getting a master node? Thanks.

There is currently no mention of a masternode. I guess if the community decides to go in that direction it's possible. Its early days come and have your say.


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