MyCreditChain Works With Credolab, Mobile Credit Score Technology Venture Company

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MyCreditChain Works With Credolab, Mobile Credit Score Technology Venture Company


On 14th June, MyCreditChain(MCC) announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding with CredoLab, a company that specializes in mobile-based credit score technology, to have Blockchain technology-based mutual cooperation.

The Singapore-based FinTech Venture Company, Credolab, provide a scoring solution for credit ratings across Southeast Asia and China, where demand for credit information is high. Alternative data will be provided to those who lack financial records to enable new credit transactions that minimize various risks.

According to MyCreditChain, the philosophy of Credolab is perfectly same with the MCC Project in terms of credit information innovation, which creates new credibility from various perspectives. Both companies are attracted to each other's projects and have reached this MOU. Through this MOU, Credolab will actively performs as a third party for expansion of blockchain based credit information ecosystem, while utilizing and developing the MCC’s technology of building credit information as well.

The CEO of MCC, Yang Jae Bong said, “A third party within the MCC network, such as Credolab, can share data mutually, and it will allow to supplement more personal information and personal credit assessment information, which was not available before”. He also highlighted that, “Not only for real-time data collecting technology, MCC also provide global blockchain project with credit index, which is based on its unique daily Airdrop”.

In the meantime, MCC is planning to introduce ICO during second half of this year. Its goal is to provide services in first quarter of next year.

MyCreditChain(MCC) is…

▶In-house venture of a company that has been leading the development of Korea’s financial system for 20 years
▶MCC has already been recognized for its business and technological potential with investment of 3 million dollars.
▶Our ongoing ICO is about raising funds to work together with various partners and users from across the world. We also want to combine proven technology and business with the ideas of Blockchain
▶MCC is not just a product or service. It is a platform and solution for various global partners.
▶MCC enables transparent distribution of “People to people” credit information and new value innovation for anyone in the world.

Join our Credit information Blockchain revolution!

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