MyCreditChain, NoBreak Sign MOU to Enhance Information Security

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MyCreditChain plans to enhance its information security.

MyCreditChain, the project handles massive amount of information provided by participants, signed a memorandum of understanding with NoBreak, the company specializes in information sercurity, on 1 October 2018.

In the information era, personal information is regarded as one of the most important asset classes. As much as any other asset classes, it is imperative for this new asset class to be kept secure. With this MOU, MyCreditChain expects to enhance its information security.

NoBreak is a company specializes in the fields of computer security consulting and system integration. The company has a wide range of experience providing their specialized services to many other blockchain projects, including the BOSS Coin. NoBreak plans to conduct an inspection of technical and private issues and to provide a strategic consultation on the stability and scalability aspects of the system. “With this MOU, MyCreditChain’s global ecosystem will be built in a more secure and trustworthy way. To ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem, MyCreditChain will build new partnerships and expand global networks, thus enriching the ecosystem” says WS Kim, CEO of the company.

MyCreditChain Token Sale was successfully completed as of 28 September, with 3029 participants who had passed KYC procedures.

- Sourced by: Digital Daily

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