Apollon Coin: One Masternode to Rule Them All

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(MNs) are the future of cryptocurrency. Between the massive start up costs for mining in the form of equipment and the cost of resources to run verbally expressed equipment, mass adoption would engender an astronomically immense drain on our infrastructure if we stick with Proof of Work (PoW). In the adoption life cycle, MNs are the bridge over The Chasm that leads to the mass acceptance of cryptocurrency.
I optate to be pellucid, I genuinely believe we are right there, at The Chasm. Cryptocurrency has been in subsistence for less than a decade and is still very much in its infancy. As technology progresses, digital currency will take hold. Public policy has yet to keep up with technological innovations and I don’t visually perceive that transmuting in the near future.
Enter into the game Apollon Coin (XAP). A masternode coin engendered for one purport: passive income. XAP is promoted as a straightforward, veracious cryptocurrency. Customarily we optically discern a currency endeavor to convince investors to buy in through some reason, or use case, to justify its esse. XAP doesn’t bother. This is crypto and we’re all here to make mazuma.
And that is precisely what XAP has been doing since its Genesis Block. As of this inditement, it’s been 61 days since the first block. So what does the team abaft this project have to show for it in such a short period of time?
The Apollon Blockchain venture expects to create and bolster all the related business applications with the basic Blockchain framework innovation. The Group trusts that APO Platform is one of world's first and most far reaching multi-chain stages, coving and re-sharping container regalement and eCommerce biological community scene. The re-sharping of items and settlement offering could betoken that it is past a client's appreciation (never ken such an item or convenience could subsist) as of right now. APO's vision is to have a "free stream of significant worth", empowering clients or individuals from the Platform to savor the advantages of the prosperous offering of blockchain innovation
Over 1,500 active masternodes, available on at least four exchanges, and a market capitalization of $10.6 million USD.
If you have been following the project, you’re probably not that surprised. It’s lead by a transparent team, starting with the face of the project, Chad Sichello. Currently the Managing Director of Apollon Coin, Sichello has a vigorous pedigree in the digital space. He is pulling double obligation right now as he is additionally the CEO of Dojo Card; a company engendered to edify younger generations on responsible spending in the digital age.
Sichello is very active on Youtube and in the XAP Discord Server. He is frolicsomely razzed for the setting of his videos, which appears to be his rather nondescript bedroom at home. Some optically discern it as a red flag; a lack of engenderment value. But there is authentic value in the cull to keep things simple. It’s welcoming and familiar; a weirdly intimate approach that results in the feeling that he’s being veracious with the viewer.


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