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    IONChain is a platform created in Singapore in early 2018 to design and automate transaction between smart devices in her ecosystem. With IONChain, smart devices such as refrigerator, watch, car, air-conditional and lot more can easily be connected together to share data in other to achieve a particular goal. Imagine a situation whereby you connect your door with your air-conditioning system and the bulbs in your room. The air-conditioning system and the bulb are automated to switch on whenever you open your day to enter your room. This is why IONChain came to existence in order to make life easier for you and I by introducing a better internet of things to us.


  • REAL TIME TRANSACTION SPEED: A problem faced by the internet of things industry was the inability to make bulky data transferred with a real time speed. After a lot of brain racking, IONChain was able to solve this problem by implementing inter planetary file system (IPFS) integration in her ecosystem in order to make real time transactions without any delay in time as a result of the large size of such data.
  • EACH DEVICE IS A MINING MACHINE: One of the amazing ways IONChain is able to increase transaction speed is by inculcation a decentralized internet of things (IoT) system. In this system, every smart device on her ecosystem is allow to peruse and process data on their own, which consequently increase transaction speed between smart devices in her ecosystem and also prevent security flaw.

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  • ONE DEVICE, ONE CODE, ONE COIN: In IONChain ecosystem, to every single device, there is a separate code used as an identification means for every device in IONChain ecosystem. And as the wallet address of mining devices in which the coin (cryptocurrency usually distributed by IONChain to her users as incentive) will be deposited.

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  • IMPROVED SECURITY MEASURE: As a result of the decentralized method used by IONChain, IONChain his able to render a high class security service to her users by giving hackers the opportunity to do nothing to any data on her ecosystem than to always find it impossible to asses.

This is a video showing IONChain use case

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