[CRYPTOWATCH] August 27, 2018

in blockchain •  4 months ago

Hi there my block-chained friends!

Monday is for serious business.

Here is a table with the prices of my favored tokens (I'm HODLing on these for quite a time). There are three prices for each item: starting - made at the beginning of our measurements (October 9, 2017), previous and current. Green marked the tokens that have grown, and the red ones whose price has fallen since last time.


And some insight from Alessio:

Do you have a forecast for the week? Or maybe you would add or remove something from my set? Write in the comments.

Thanks for a FISH!

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Вы покупали по такой цене БТЦ ещё в прошлом году? Странно, что он не продан.


А зачем мне "продавать" ценную криптовалюту, за бумажные фантики которых можно напечатать сколько угодно?
Я не индеец чтобы землю на блестящие бусы менять.

I'm forecasting that steem will rotate around $1 for quite a while.
I want it to moon though but I don't think it will before the hard forking


Maybe you right

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It is good to see some green at the right side of the table! Hope that in the next weeks, green will be more and more present.
Still envy on your purchase price of EOS, that could be a game changer for the portfolio!