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 It has truly been an action-packed month for LALA World, filled with successful partnerships and other big decisions taken by Sankalp and team. All that we had planned to do in the month of May has been accomplished and we’re so proud of our team.

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” – Harold Taylor

The month started with mutually beneficial collaborations with exemplary enterprises that have brought us closer to our goal –“Making human lives better”. Our CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari spoke about LALA World story and its thrust for Blockchain technology as represented LALA at various global events. And later in the month, we got multiple accomplishments, read on…

1. PARTNERSHIPS• We partnered with MiGRAMS that is World’s largest Migrant Management Platform. It manages the largest migrant data across the globe. This partnership has empowered LALA World by linking it directly with the migrant community.
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• Collaborated with SmartPesa, a platform that allows banks to quickly implement and run agency banking under their own brand. With this partnership, LALA World can reach out to millions of new customers who are getting benefits from SmartPesa’s payment solutions.

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• Promoting the idea of “Technology with a Purpose.” LALA World with  its new active and dynamic partner BLOCKSOCIAL  “Blockchain for Social Impact,” a platform to talk about groundbreaking ideas in the domain of social entrepreneurship, is embarking on the journey to attend a series of events, planned to span out across the world- identifying technological advancement in Blockchain, aimed towards solving problems of the marginalized group.

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• a pioneer in Blockchain powered remittances based out of Philippines was yet another strong partnership for LALA World that was announced. and LALA share a similar interest in connecting people to low-cost financial services, thus helping the underserved and the unbanked. The Philippines is the second largest recipient for remittances in Asia and 3rd top receiving country of remittances in the world; these remittances account for 9.8% of GDP (World Bank, 2015) with a total of US$26 billion transferred in 2013, thus being a critical ally for LALA World.

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2. UPDATES• After months of super hard work, LALA announced that its integration and connections with Stellar protocol were now complete and further having successfully signed NDA’s and agreements with various partner anchors of Stellar like Coins.Ph, TEMPO, MOIN etc. LALA is now in various stages of integration, documentation, and implementation as its prime focus is delivering a Stellar Product – LALA Transfer.

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• Another super achievement for LALA was getting listed on KuCoin which according to CoinMarketCap is one of the most trusted websites for Exchanges data and ranks in the top 20 Exchanges in terms of 24 hour trade volume. With the listing on KuCoin, LALA made it to the top spot on KuCoin’s daily volume list, beating the biggest and most dominant coins of the crypto-currency market, crossing USD 7 million worth of trading volume per day, which was an absolutely tremendous accomplishment for LALA.

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3. EVENTS• Sankalp Shangari delivered a spectacular inaugural address at the Blocksocial Event in Singapore on May 18, 2018. He spoke on the ways Blockchain can enhance the way we live today, and also about LALA World’s aim to build a global digital decentralized financial ecosystem and its vision of “Making Human Lives Better.”Sankalp interacted with the Blockchain Community at Stellar meet-up for Blockchain and FinTech enthusiasts in Dubai – 1st May. Our valuable partner – and LALA World came together once again to showcase the LALA World’s Story and our development journey.We can call the past month a really productive one, but we’re expecting even more action in the upcoming months. In order to achieve bigger goals, we would be working even harder and give our best to keep up with promises we’ve made. Don’t forget to join our Telegram community to get the regular updates. The whole team genuinely feels grateful to each one of you, for giving continues support and putting efforts in spreading the word about the LALA World project. 

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