Elon Musk to Make Cryptocurrency ? [And STEEM promotion inside]

in blockchain •  5 months ago

There was a funny troll between Elon Musk and Warren Buffett lately which ended with some surprising words from Tesla creator.


Of course the crypto tweet got popular and i couldnt help myself to NOT promote STEEM there.

If you want to give this traction as the tweet is viewed by loads of people you can RT here - https://twitter.com/kingscrownBTC/status/993267724833959936

On the other hand lately, it was said that Tesla Shareholders Will Vote on Booting Elon Musk as Chairman.

As we can see stocks tanked on the news but are coming back yet many people seem to still be shorting TSLA.US with Bitcoin on SimpleFX or Forex platforms.

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Great plug boss 😂


doing my best :)


Shoulda mentioned smart media tokens!


As if SpaceX, the Boring Company, Tesla, and Solar City (now Tesla) aren't enough to think about...

Elon Musk is the heijin of mainstream media. He needs to just shut up already.

Hey at least Elon Musk is better at Twitter than Trump :-X

Hm. EloncandyX, cryptotesla, cryptohyper :)

Booting out Elon Musk as chairman is like surgically removing the brain out of the head,he is the brain behind the operation. Nice move chipping in steem ,now people have one more thing to wonder about.

This is not innovative at all
This guy is becoming suspicious

A lot if great things actually started with casual banter :-)
Hell some of them actually started with a joke. Engineering history if full of them. Maybe this can be something worthwhile.............. seriously hope so because if nothing else this could actually advertise to mainstream.


Yes! Remember that time Elon Musk placed a twitter bet with the Australian Government about the length of time it would take to build a gigabattery? Haha spoiler alert Musk won the bet, and the contract. https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/11/28/16709036/elon-musk-biggest-battery-100-days

booting Musk? are they mad?


The company has no chance with his ever new announcements and the cost it has on his burn rate. He will run out of money and be bankrupt before they hit their 5,000 weekly over promised Model 3 numbers. My guess is Tesla will be bought by a Chinese company in the next year and they will be able to fix his manufacturing issues.


Elon will sell to Apple before a Chinese company.


I've said for over a year that Apple would buy them, however, the Chinese are buying up big automotive assets in the US because they want Brand recognition. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Steve jobs @ Apple all over again

tesla is indebted heavily and elon musk is the culprit.it is a joke making him the chairman.


They have more than $10B in debt and have to restart paying this year. On top of it, Tesla should hit 200,000 total sold vehicles this year and then the $7500 government incentive goes away. The recall recently announced has an upper exposure of $4.7B.

lol man nice work putting steem on there haha :P

id love me some eloncryptocandy!

So after building, he wants to fill it with candy? lol.

too much JD for Musk already.