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Hello, I met Samuraijin again, I will write about the article crypto project called BIZpaye . For more details I will discuss it below

What is CRYPTO BIZpaye ?

We are a product providing for potential, platform users and those who are interested in contributing to the " Project BIZpaye " imagine. The information below may not be complete and is not a contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of accepting or investing in tokens.

This article aims to explore the potential challenges currently faced by the local loan trading market, which is often referred to as the barter industry. BIZpaye , a company registered in Singapore, is a leading international barter trading platform active in the virtual currency market, which currently operates in 12 countries. This white paper aims to explore the current landscape of this virtual currency market and provide solutions for increasing customers and dealers worldwide.

BIZpaye CRYPTO is part of the International BIZpaye Group of Companies, which is a multi-transaction B2B & B2C Marketplace Dealer . With franchise operations in 12 countries around the world, our member distributors currently trade millions of dollars every year through the BIZpaye system .

The BIZpaye - the trading platform is a unique system in the history of modern commodity exchanges that was like never before.

The BIZpaye - trading platform is unique and unique in this industry. This provides a fairer and more attractive form of business trading while meeting current business expectations

BIZpaye offers business owners NEW valuable resources for "customers", "sales" and "profits".

BIZpaye is a credit and debit card system that allows businesses to access various goods and services in less competitive markets. This offers a number of financial benefits that are not usually found in traditional markets or other card payment systems.

Mission statement and vision

The BIZpaye mission is to provide flexible and convenient choices for cross-border transactions, while providing a global audience in its own ecosystem of complete transparency and low costs. The BIZpaye team strives to provide opportunities to liquidate unused capacity and reserves for small businesses and mid-sized businesses, helping them generate more income and provide a leaner business model.

Real world market for BLOCKCHAIN

BIZpaye - member

of the cryptographic development environment is at an early stage. The aim is to choose an open source solution that is suitable for the development of the BIZpaye ecosystemto ensure global solutions that are measurable, stable, decentralized and sustainable in the short and long term.

The BIZpaye ecosystem will consist of several processes and participants

Member (as a buyer)
Member (as seller)
Fulfillment Resources
BIZpaye trading platform
Crypto BIZpaye Wallet / Distributed Database
Support Center

Members (as buyers)

Members of purchase are any person or company who wants to buy goods and services from other members through one of the many available transaction processes efficiently, economically, quickly, transparently, and cannot be trusted.

The actions of members (as buyers) can include:

Search for goods and services registered by members (as sellers) •
Make an order • Pay for goods and services
pay fees
Krypto Prize Receives
Give member feedback
Get valued promotions, loyalty, referrals and feedback
Members (as sellers)
Members as sellers are individuals or companies who want to sell goods and services. Goods and services include all consumer goods that may be relevant to global consumers and the retail market, from rice to real estate, from window cleaning to real estate purchases.

The actions of members (as sellers) can include:

Publish goods and services for sale
Sending goods and services (possibly provided by external compliance resources)
Give feedback
Pay fees

BIZpaye Platform

Goods and services
Search for goods and services in the BIZpaye ecosystem
Feedback - Loop -
Order status
Arbitration and disputes
personal and sensitive data
BIZpaye membership levels currently offer a number of different membership levels that reflect credit worthiness and the potential trading volume of their members. Credit lines are offered for all different types of cards, with the exception of White Cards and credit lines available to traders, which are different in each country.

Name of Token: BIZpaye Crypto
Symbol of token trading: CRYPTO
Token type: ERC-20
Embossed stamp: 1,000,000,000
Decimal number sign: 18
Outstanding tokens: 44,810,560 (Latest report April 15, 2019)
Token address: 0x7875bAfc5d63Fa035DeA0809c2a757338
ICO / ITO / IEO: WITHOUT ICO / ITO / IEO has self-funded the project as an existing business unit

Corporate BIZpaye


BIZpaye implements a very strong idea that is able to fully modernize not only the development of blockchain technology but also our entire world. The use of innovative BIZpaye networks with almost unlimited scalability and high transaction speeds is possible in almost every industry - that's what the global crypto community has been waiting for for years. The project has a highly qualified team, reliable partners, functional products, and resources to carry out all the remaining tasks. In general, this project is very interesting, for more detailed information you can follow the link below.

If you want to know more about the BIZpaye project , you can visit the link below, this is enough for my writing this time which only discusses some important points of this project, for further information please visit the link below

Telegram: https// /2Xn132C
Telegram Chat:
Medium: https: / /

Autohor : jeaniever rahardian

Profil :;u=2447510

ETH addres : 0x42836bf737eC833228344f0841C3bD14f4D67643

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