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Xaya is a decentralized gaming platform built on the blockchain that allows game developers to create and deploy their gaming visions into realities with little financial implications.
In the past Its highly cost effective to build and adequately deploy a new gaming design into the market. But Xaya helps reduce this cost at a minimal rate through the use of the blockchain technology. Now game developers can independently create games without involving a third party.
In addition Gamers can take full advantage of the Xaya technology to generate and issue their own game currency which can be exchanged for (X) Chi ( Chi is the main tradable currency on the Xaya platform and is represented as X which is pronounced 'Chi' as in the old Greek) and also can create other game coins and assets.

One most fascinating aspect of Xaya is not only that it allows gamers to create gaming apps that stands on his own and is not dependent on any third party organization but the users have complete ownership of all the gaming items there in. That is the coins earned while playing this games can be converted for real time money. Isn't that amazing? if it isn't I don't now what is.

How would this affect gamers

In the past I've always imagined how rich I can be if all the coins or tokens I earn playing games can be converted to real time cash. Most people see it as a waste of time playing game now gaming can be an occupation as gamers can always make more money buy just having fun playing game.

I know by now your saying to your self " how is this possible" well let me show you how....

If you are conversant with the blockchain you would know by now that one of the major issues experienced on the blockvhain Is the issue of scaling. Because of the number of applications that runs on the blockchain on a daily basis this has resulted to it being inscalable. But the team at Xaya have successful proffered by creating gaming channels (game channels 1, and Ephemeral Timestamps 2) which by implementing increases scalability for trust less off-chain scaling for games.

Using the blockchain what XAYA aims at providing is a secure, decentralized, self reliant and reliable gaming platform that can be easily assesible by gamers and developers and can also run without a remote server hosting. This is not just a vision that just spronged up from no where. In 2013 the Xaya team successful developed the Huntercoin the huntercoin was a ground breaking innovation that broke lots of Records for the

• The world’s first decentralised massively multiplayer game
• The world’s first game world built entirely on the blockchain
•The world’s first human mining permissible cryptocurrency

This is an innovation that has taken years of hard work from the team and investors to bring to light and with the success and deployment of the Huntercoin it shows that this can work too... The success and acceptance Huntercoin achieved was overwhelming as in just 3months from deployment it achieved over 35,000 simultaneously controlled characters3 in the game despite a low profile launch, and despite requiring some specialist hardware (i.e. solid state drives, which were uncommon at the time) and a reasonable level of technical know-how from the gamer. Huntercoin was largely autonomous and required no servers or other infrastructure. It achieved a market capitalisation close to $1 million within just a few weeks and peaked to around $6.3 million in 20174. The Huntercoin experiment served its purpose several years ago, and this ‘hobby project’ provided a number of world leading insights into blockchain technology, including publication in the blockchain journal ‘Ledger’.

Why is security such a big deal

well we all know that its not all that important to secure ones gaming assets because it well wasn't valuable then. but now the gaming apps that will be built on the Xaya platform will carry real asset value as every coin/currency there in will be worth real money as such it is important that it is secured and protected. that's where the blockchain comes to play as it is the most secure, transparent and fair platform to build any platform that carries cryptocurrency value on.

Upcoming Xaya games

Treat Fighters

treat fighters is an arcade game which allows gamers to create their own treat fighters and use them in competing with other gamers worldwide.

The treat fighters will entirely run on the blockchain with nodes acting as servers and players can expect 100% uptime.

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager is a very popular soccer team managing game with millions of downloads and now expanding into China.
soccer manager


As usual we in other to achieve such massive vision there's need to partner with organizations and investors that can positively contribute to the growth of the vision. As such patterning with Xaya will allow soccer manager the liberty to offer its gamers fairness in game play and also 100% ownership of in-game assets such as coins, currency, stadium, players and more. Partenering with soccer manager will add a real life gaming experience to the users as Xaya will help expose the gamers to a new world of gaming possibilities and also help grow the user base as this will see lots of users playing and also giving them they feel of real soccer management.

Blockchain technology has proven to be a very relaivke source of storing asset value. example of games that can store values are card games, sports games e.t.c. These cards can be traded freely by users on the Xaya platform.

Xaya Key Technology

The Xaya Currency "Chi" will be based on the blockchain which is secured by the (pow algorithm) proof of work. This will help adequately secure user account information and assets which will be directly stored on the blockchain.

• Game Channels 17
We have developed an extension of the payment channels in Bitcoin that can be applied to game moves between multiple players off the blockchain and thus aid in scaling XAYA to its global target size. The same concept can also be used for “shards” of a global game world to enable limitless and near-real time gaming on the blockchain.

• Ephemeral timestamps18:
If disputes arise in a game channel (analogous to “closing” a Bitcoin payment channel), transactions on the main blockchain need to be made in order to resolve it. By mixing the time-stamping property of a blockchain, Merkle-ized hash commitments, amortised mining incentives, and fraud proofs in a clever way, we’ve been able to develop a new protocol that ensures that the occurring transaction fees can never be a loss for any honest participant.

Use Case

Wendy is addicted to gaming, and is always on the look out on what new games is available to play. He reads about Xaya ICO online and decided to give it a try, at first it sounded unreal to him but he is excited to at least try. After trying he discovers that he can earn and also own all assets on the gaming platform and also trade the Xaya currency for real money. Wendy is super excited and can't wait to tell his friends about this.


Xaya provides a solution that was never imaginable by bringing decentralization to gaming also allowing gamers low cost in developing gaming apps. This will boost the user base of gamers there by encouraging them to play on a secure, trusted and flexible platform.



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