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Now photographers around the globe can breathe a sigh of relief with the entrance of Wemark - a blockchain leveraged marketplace for digital content, particularly with key interest in photography. This revolutionary platform allows for photographers to possess all the privileges to their content and create a line of authorization openly to clients thereby abolishing the interference of middlemen or brokers that rake in as much as over 80% of their proceeds.
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These trusted experts in the blockchain ecosystem have described Wemark as a huge value proposition that will revolutionize the storage data industry. The Wemark platform focuses on routine photography, because this is the utmost centralized zone in the digital content business when equated to games, apps, music, and e-books.
To further add insight to the Wemark discourse, the platform is an emergent community of front-line autonomous photographers giving express authorization for the use of their snapshots expressly to clienteles, and devoid of any middlemen or third party involvement. Basically, Wemark is a group of inventors, marketers, creators, and engineers, with an unquenchable craving to transform the way inventors allocate their content and how they get paid for it. The Wemark platform is leveraging on blockchain technology to allow person to person transactions between the inventors and users, in the process making sure of security, authenticity and most of all, transparency.

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Wemark is bringing a value proposition that seeks to provide a solution to issues associated with amateur photographers. Advancement of that sector has been mitigated by monopoly of a few, impeding upcoming innovations as they are not given the right impetus to move to the next level in their quest to access the uppermost strata of the photography industry; a place seen as quite centralized and dictated by a trickle of organizations, which wield too much pressure on photographers and compel them to drop some of the prospective revenue including their innovative creations in exchange for some degree of revelations in the sector.
Ultimately, one crucial thing Wemark as a start-up is bringing to the table is the total abolition of the broker, as a critical obstacle that has continued to re-occur between photographers and the outside globe.

The Wemark Token (WMK) Details

Total Token Supply: 135,000,000
Symbol: WMK
Limited Supply: Yes
Hard Cap: $8,000,000
Soft Cap: $1,500,000
Type: ERC20
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For the Wemark platform, the principal system of disbursement is via the Wemark Token (WMK). Note that WMK is Ethereum-driven with a submission on the ERC 20 regulation. According to the infographics, more payment option will be open to acceptance on the platform in the form of credit cards, Ethereum and Bitcoin.
The Wemark platform is modeled in such a way that the token holders can make use of them to procure photos on the platform. Incentives are given to users through rewards in the form of tokens for referring others to the Wemark infrastructure or commitment with promotional ideals.


Wemark, like I said earlier, is bringing a value proposition that makes it top-notch among the comity of start-ups in the blockchain space. There are crucial features that make it a unique platform and this includes the issue of transparency gotten via leveraging on the blockchain technology. Each payment and transactions that transpire through the platform is seamlessly checked or reviewed by all concerned entities which foster extreme transparency in the ecosystem.
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Wemark present one of the most favorable terms in usage, considering the fact that a supply contract listed on the blockchain will have the opportunity to be signed between the initiator and platform. In view of this favorable terms the possibility of an alteration or going against the agreed terms.
For the Wemark project, the roadmap if you take a critical look has been given thorough and well-thought-out impetus and is undoubtedly a prospective long time and stable profits. The know your customer requirements is absolutely spot-on and to the big one, Wemark has an assemblage of the Knowledgeable group of persons very firm with proving track record in the business arena.
There is also the advantage of swift payment which facilitates faster transactions in the digital market industry resulting from the fact that dealings are carried out through the instrumentality of the blockchain. This principally mechanizes the dissemination and the supervision of disbursements.
Another thing that makes it top-notch is that it maintains control following the fact that the platform permits inventors to openly transact with the clientele by authenticating their content to them devoid of mediators. Basically, this translates to the fact that it facilitates control of their content, in the area of rights to the content including the value.
The Wemark platform does not just provide a solution, it operates an incentivized platform where users earn tokens by bringing up more people to the Wematrk infrastructure or by promoting merchandises aboard the platform.

With the value proposition the Wemark platform is bringing, nothing can be more encouraging than to see a platform where the intermediaries constituting all sorts of breaches are abolished to pave way for direct business dealings. Photographers can now generate their outlines on the platform and then authenticate their identity. Furthermore, after the authentication submission of their photos for appraisal takes center stage. To this end, when the photos are ratified, the initiators can authorize them to deal directly without mediators. The platform beyond the solution is bringing to the front burner a process where it rewards users on the platform.

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I cannot end this without commending the team that put together this very innovative platform that is sure to revolutionize and makes more seamless the photography patency right business. For the records, the Wemark project is supported by frontline global financiers and an advisory team that comprised of renowned names in the stock photography business, blockchain, digital technology and online open market.

For more insight about the Wemark project, please click on the links below:

Website: https://www.wemark.com/
Medium: https://medium.com/wemark-stories/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WemarkOfficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_wemark
Instagram: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wemark
Telegram: https://t.me/wemark
Itcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/wemark/
Whitepaper: https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper
Github: https://github.com/WemarkSource/

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