Be Careful With Stock.Exchange, I Have Just Lost MY ETC,, ALERT !!!

in blockchain •  last year 

Hello Dear Steemian,  Last Night I Tried to Deposit my ETC to

Suddenly, i receive an email as withdrawal confirmation, i try to login my account, but i cant because someone enabled 2FA in my account, i try to disable it via email.

after successful login to my accout, i try to cancel withdraw via email

The cancel button look strange, it gray color and look like a die button, i tap the cancel button then the link redirect me to this site

Usually, withdrawal confirmation look like this, ( confirm or cancel link). Not an image form.

Then, i logged my account, i saw my etc was lost. someone withdrawn my ETC

I dont know, how can my ETC can be withdrawn while my email was secured with 2FA, I try to review this exchange in bitcointalk, you can read it here.

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thats really bad hope somehow you get it back @qam2112

How unfortune ! You'll probably got hacked. It is understood that dealing online money business is always at risk of stolen or hacked. It is the provider obligation to enhance their online transaction's security.

its sad to know man, did you log into the right exchange, i mean is the url correct? my friend lost her neo and alt through logging into the wrong url.

yes, it right URL, once i have registered, i bookmark the site, after i place an order i left the exchange, a few hours before i got a withdrawal message, my account logged out by it self,