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When you hear of Bestay, imagine a home-sharing platform that is ready to solve all the issues that you go through while trying to book a hotel room or apartment. An ecosystem comprised of numerous individuals who are also looking to improve their booking experiences as well as a showcase of properties that are beyond your dreams but within your budget.

Bestay will be your ideal blockchain-based home-sharing platform where every challenge plaguing current sharing service systems are going to be eliminated. Block chain technology betters every project that incorporates it, and that I what it has done to Bestay. Blockchain and smart contracts are going to make cross border transactions and others very easy, secure and seamless without the excessive transaction fees and high taxes, which are incurred conventionally.

Last year, I was booking a hotel in advance for my vacation during the festive season. There were a lot of people going to various tourist destinations, and my experience was overall not pleasant. I made the booking and paid the money only to receive news from that particular platform, saying that there was a mix up with their system, and my money had been lost in the process. This did not come as a shock because I had heard of such instances, but experiencing it firsthand made me realize that the home-sharing space needed a solution as soon as possible.

Bestay is going to be the solution that the home-sharing space has waited for because it is going to make it easier to arbitrate and resolve disputes in cases of disagreements between a guest and a host. Bestay is going to implement high-security systems to such an extent that data on the platform’s system will be immutable, eliminating cases of fraud for good. You do not need to be worried about your data or digital assets getting into the wrong hands.

Bestay is going to be beneficial to every participant of the ecosystem, including the guests. The market in this time and era is not easy, which is the reason there are numerous businesses and properties out there which are not common among the masses because they lack a platform to market themselves. Hosts are, however, going to gain a blockchain-based platform where their properties can be marketed to numerous guests who are all in search of hotels and apartments.

Bestay is going to be every travel enthusiast’s on stop solution because they will have a collection of various luxurious hotels and apartments from around the world to select from. Bestay has its very own native utility token called BSY which will act as the currency on the platform. Participants will use the BSY token to make a stay payment and also reward their friends to become part of the ecosystem, among other uses.


Bestay is going to bring back trust and transparency into home-sharing systems and provide customers with the much-needed security. The convenience that Bestay is going to offer will have people flooding on the platform for their best traveling experiences. Purchase your BSY tokens right away and help Bestay launch officially.

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