JACKYPOT - The first Jackpot on the world with the Blockchain´s technology!

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Which is a slot machine with a big accumulated prize, using this big database interlinked from etherum, which no other online casino has these days.
This new technology makes you obtain countless and exceptional benefits, like:
· It counts with asmart contract higher than any other which allows you to determinate the rules that must be strictly followed and those are 100% verifiable, because of Jackypot your confidence is the most important thing.
· The random numbers are protected from any kind of external manipulation, it means, no one can make any kind of modification or set up the numbers that are indicated in the won result.
· Does not exist any kind of intermediary “physical or human” in the transactions.
· Absolutely transparency into the game because the transactions are saved in a permanent wayand the user can verify in any moment.
· It is the safest medium to the user protection, because we do not ask for information that allows us to realize another kind of transfer or any kind of fraud.
· Besides the blockchain guarantee, we count with the Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL) which notify automatically the user that the website gives you security and legitimacy.
In addition to all these specialized aspects unique in their kind, Jackpot offers you the biggest benefits in speed and the biggest possibilities of winning more, because we are the first Jackpot with an accumulated that no one else has.
· The fastest bet that you will not be able to see y any other place, because it just consists of a step
· The prize´s payments are systematized, so before announce that you won, you have the money from your won deposited in your wallet
· With Jackypot you can play with any portable devices like mobile, Tablet, Desktop computer, Laptop, as long as you are with your friends, in your home´s comfort or in any place as long as you count with Wi-Fi connection.
· You count with 55.55% probability of obtain prizes, you just add 1 and Jackypot gives you 15, just here we offer you these possibilities.
· We offer you 15 combinations with the possibility of winning, from 27 that jackypot contain to obtain a prize, also if you get:
Triple coins= 300% you take more than your bet
Triple 7´s= 200% you take more than your bet
Triple cherries= 150% you take more than your bet
Double figures= 110% you take more than your bet
· Also is the only place that provides you the possibility of getting a reward never seen before in gambling. “the unicorn prize where you get 1,500% more than your deposit, no one else has given o big prize like this and Jackypot has it to you.
· The final result from the bet is a verified consensus by thousands of computers around the world just in seconds.
· Our services just get a minimum amount from the bet, because to us the most important thing is that the user takes the biggest amount from Ether.
In Jackypot, you win because you win! So is our priority, if you don´t win is because you did not try it or simplify you have not played in Jackypot
Has come the moment that everyone wishes, the release of the game that will revolutionize the online casinos´ life, the traditional casinos that have been manipulated during ages stayed behind.
There is no another place on the virtual space that offers you THE CONFIDENCE, SECURITY, SPEED and with the majority possibilities of winning. DO NOT WAIT MORE! Enter to: jackypot.io bet, win and have fun, be part of the first on playing with the technology never seen before on the web casinos.

Visit site: www.jackypot.io

Email: contact@jackypot.io

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