Facebook prohibits advertising of ICO and crypto-currency

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On January 20, Rob Leathern, Facebook’s director of product regulation, published information in his blog about the ban on ICO & crypto-currency advertising as part of measures to improve the integrity and security of advertising of financial products and services on Facebook.

Of course, the number of sсam ICO projects is increasing exponentially, the market has reacted with another drop in volumes, and all its participants once again became convinced of the strong dependence on centralized systems like Facebook and Google. Media corporations decide instead of you — what you should watch, what you shouldn’t, how much advertisement cost for you, what kind of paid services to enter, and your voice or even the voices of a million like you absolutely doesn’t matter.

Today the market participants are uncomfortable with this situation and thanks to the will of media corporations, it can effect on other groups, for example, fans of PNVs, car men or, for example, producers of some foodstuffs. Facebook decides by themselves — what is harmful for you and what is not.

The emergence of decentralized social networks will obviously be the solution of this problem, but apparently, there is still very little time to ensure that they have won a sufficient audience and gained popularity. The most viable news site based on blockchain for today is Steemit, and the subject of the material has long gone beyond the topic of blockchain and crypto-currency.

The IZETEX project https://izx.io/ is also working on a kind of decentralized messenger based on blockchain now. Messages will be transferred by means of virtual tokens IZX Drive thrown out in the augmented reality in certain geolocation, which any other user of the application can pick up. We can say that the geolocation messenger from IZX is an alternative to a promotional paper pasted on a pole, but in augmented reality, the leaflet can’t be blown away by the wind or get wet by rain. At the same time, neither censorship nor moderation of content will be there.

In order to leave a message at any geographical point you will need to select the virtual IZX Drive token with your smartphone, sign it and then drop it, for instance, on the top of Mount Fuji, if climbers — are your target audience. Owners of exchange tokens IZX erc-20 will be able to issue game tokens with advertising and non-promotional messages, without running through the streets of cities, but simply place tokens on the map through the application.

With the growth of using devices, that support AR technology, there will be other projects that supplement our reality with different geo-tags, training programs and visualization of everything that is possible — no matter it’s a speedometer projected on the car windshield, business presentations or navigators.

Very soon we will stop looking at monitors and displays. How this will affect the physical health and nervous system is not clear for now, but the obvious convenience and speed of making decisions will certainly increase with the introduction of augmented reality into our everyday life.

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