Questions that i should do before investing on a blockchain project

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Hi community, i would share with you some questions that i want to ask to myself before investing in any blockchain project.

  • What is the token allocation? How many tokens will exist? is there scarcity?
  • Why do you think the token value will appreciate over time?
  • Are there any token burns planned by the project in order to reduce supply?
  • What value has a token holder and why people would want to have tokens?
  • Why are you willing to invest in it? Because it seems that anyone is talking about that project (youtube, reddit, telegram, etc..) or because you did a deep research?
  • Why the project is so special and should last for years from now?
  • Is the project a solid project with some proof of concept or with some demo?
  • Is the tram behind the project able to accomplish the good things described in the whitepaper?
  • Have you read the whitepaper? Did you understand what the project wants to do?
  • Why the project is better than competitors, if there is any?
  • Did you search if the project could be a potential scam?
  • Is there any solid company behind the project?
  • Why do you think the project will not fail?
  • Are they solving any real problem?
  • How good is their roadmap?
  • Did you search what the community and other investors think about that project?
  • Did you search the weak points of the project and what could lead it to fail?
  • Are team active on the project? Have you checked their github account?
  • How do you think you will profit on this investment? Dividends, shares, selling when price reaches a given price or selling after a certain period?

Do you believe in the project?

If you would like to suggest any other helpful questions to do before investing, please leave a comment and let the community knows.

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