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in blockchain •  3 years ago

This Saturday @valery-litvin and me done 2 hour workshop at Fintech Minsk 2016.
It was in Russian so I don't think that there is a meaning to share videos in this post. But here is presentation in English. It can be useful.

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Blockchain Vision

What is interesting:

9 month ago at #fintech Minsk I was the only guy about #blockchains. Now 20% of projects are about.

— Dima Starodubcev (@21xhipster) June 25, 2016

A presentation which converted almost 20% of local fintech developers in 9 months is here. Sorry, again in Russian. I hope that a new one can raise our influence to 40% of fintech startups in Minsk. I gonna to think deep how to scale this experience.

Interesting finding. That was 3 day event. Friday evening I told 10 guys about Steem. At Sunday there was a buzz around a project across 200 participants. Everybody who looked through it with no exception was amazed.

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thank you so much for the update! perhaps you would like to talk about it at our next hangout? If so RSVP here:

And ask people to upvote your crypto-based news so we can let the community vote on who goes first, second, third...etc. :)