An Apology to the Thief of MY Wallet...

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Ahhh, an internet placeholder to keep all of my invisible coins seems too good to be true.

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This is not necessarily a "woah-is-me" moment (though if ever there were to be one, having your entire wallet hacked might be causation and I am not perfect so there might be some (OK, a lot) of tears shed...) But nah, never mind the theft or what/how much was taken...

I want to talk about what's really happening here.


When did we become so dominantly YOU VS ME, THEM VS US?

Not to sound all "hippy-dippy-kumbayah" or anything but is there no sense of community in humanity anymore? Is there no LOVE for our NEIGHBORS?

There I was, in the middle of a long overdue family get-together, repenting for past wounds, bonding, and coming together half way across the earth. My loved ones had traveled through all forms of transportation to visit me and we were minding our own business when someone else was carefully collaborating codes to deduct the money out of my account, without my slightest awareness.

That's weird.

So to be honest, that money was my safety net (and YES, I had security features to protect myself in place that were broken through!) I live in a foreign country, away from my friends and family as I daringly attempt to defy all odds and imagine this-- create my passion of bringing us crazy human-folk back to health, back to wellness, back to nature and back to inner happiness! (Crazy, I know but nothing can stop a dream!) ;)

I have a lot of faith in humanity and it's my every day adventure to figure out how to weave us back together into a healthy functioning system.

So then, my question is, WHAT SEPARATES US?

Why is someone's goal/mission to sit on the other end of a computer hacking into other people's lives and TAKING from them?

What have we done as a society to breed that kind of callous selfishness, greed, amorality? Is it actually these traits or is it simply a symptom of a broken system?

Have we in fact separated so much that we no longer see ourselves as a whole?

(Unfortunately) of course we have! We live in a world that is segregated into plots of land, side by side, walls and fences, sticks and flags marking territory. This is MINE, this is YOURS. TAKE to provide for ME/MYSELF/I (My family, my friends, my community etc.)

Well then, if you start to feel you don't have ENOUGH, a little gremlin inside starts to get awfully nasty and can turn to feelings that are of a lower frequency such as jealousy, entitlement and lust. That can cause someone to do some pretty unthinkable things...

So then, back to our hacker sitting at home with all of my coins he pillaged...

What's he/she thinking? What are her/his pains/emotions/struggles/challenges?

The thing is, he/she doesn't care about MY story or MY coins... this isn't about ME. It wasn't a personal attack, I was just the one in the line of the fire. This isn't about THEM. How do we connect the two?

I'm sitting in Indonesia where it's cheap enough for me to live, saving up my money to buy a plot of land that will serve to educate and sustain a community. This is a goal I spent a lot of time contemplating, learning and clearing myself of past wounds and suffering in order to be able to visualize sharing. See, I once (and still sometimes am, if I'm being completely honest) feel separated.

How can I connect with them? How can I understand THEM?

What's going on in that troubled, pained heart that would feel it acceptable to take from someone? Someone he/she didn't even know? Just some numbers on a screen.

It mustn't feel very nice. It must feel alone and sad and scary to be in such a place and so to you out there who may be feeling this way, I offer you understanding, forgiveness and love.

When we learn to forgive each other and welcome each other with love, we can change the way the world operates from an energetic, scientifically studied way via quantum physics. We are energy therefore, when we choose love, forgiveness, joy, understanding we emit these frequencies out into the universe...

There I go getting all spiritual on you all again, but seriously, let's try to be kinder to each other. Let's avoid taking. Let's try giving love instead* (even though when we've been wronged it can certainly be hard.)*

I wrote this free-flow on purpose to show you from the heart (as is me)... so now because of that, my question turns to you...

Dear community, what pains/struggles/hardships do you hold in your lives, in your hearts that could be causing you harm?

If you locate them, if you feel an anger, a sadness, a grief, a jealousy or a fear, I invite you to sit with that feeling for a moment and forgive yourself, apologize to yourself, love yourself, thank yourself and release this feeling that's no longer serving you.

The more filled with LOVE we are for ourselves and each other, the more LOVE flows through this system, this lively organism we all live upon...

We win some, we lose some and as we all know, if it's crypto we need to be prepared for a wild ride but the best thing we can do is learn from it and grow to be our best selves possible, right?

Sending love to you community! (All you need is love!)

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Your steem wallet? Oh no! Or a different one. Regardless, oh no!

Posted using Partiko Android

No, another wallet with all my internet monies stored inside ;) It's OK though, it's brutal but can't cry over it forever! ;)

Real bummer :'( You can cry over it for at least the next week, though ;)

Oh oh noooo!

So! My second reaction....I am not ready to forgive everything yet! I am just human and trust me I try I try and try more but if I face assholes I loose my mind .....still!

Awww well I totally understand, it's hard for me even now, it was a big amount so it does hurt deep but what I have learned is that harmful emotions like hate, anger, grief or sadness just hurt us more than they help us, so it's better to let it go with love and HOPE it comes back ;)

That’s the way to go! 💜

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Oh my goodness!!!! I can't believe you were hacked! Did this happen when you were visiting your mama in Canada? Geesh, that is so sad, and all while you were away. I am so sorry Cece, You provide such love and selflessness to the Steemit platform, not fair!

Awww thank you so much @birdsinparadise, it wasn't my Steemit wallet -- that would be a much smaller loss unfortunately! It's OK though, we can't dwell on it as a negative experience or else it feels too dang painful so instead we have to turn to hope that it'll come back in another way ;) <3 Thank you for the concern though, you're so sweet! I've been cooking up TONS of yummy stuff but I've been posting it on different social media outlets but I keep meaning to remind myself to come back here more often! I miss you guys <3

One of my biggest struggles over the last 3 years was actually leaving Indonesia. My wife and I moved there in 2005. We moved back to the United States with 5 kiddos in tow in 2017.

We faced some of the challenges you are facing now. Life was not easy there but it had become our life, and we enjoyed it deeply.

We have struggled as we have tried to adjust back to a fast-paced, less community focused life. My thoughts and prayers go out to you!

Awww thank you, I bet it was a hard choice to leave here! Every time I even get the notion to try, something stops me to pull me back in and it finds a way to work out again so that's what I am praying for now :)

Sorry, what a bummer.

Blah, you know what they say-- don't "invest" anything you wouldn't be prepared to lose ;) it'll come back another way!