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The sex work industry is a very big one. With sex business returning one of the highest profits in the world of business, its to huge to ignore the feat. Prоѕtіtutіоn is currently one of the most trending professions over the years. While this has face some moral backslash especially from the very religious sectors, as a business per, it would be short-sighting to ignore the financial potentials. This is why the industry have continued to grow, regardless of the backlash.

Like it or not, sex sells.

But, just like every other business in the world, the industry comes with a lot of challenges. Things that had helped strengthened the mortality calls and questioned the viability of the industry. Over the years, the business has been littered with cases of abuse, human trafficking, child trafficking, etc. With loads of crimes and loss of lives been witnessed over the years. But again, this has given some persons a means to at least have a decent livelihood and financial independence, this leaves interested parties in a seriously dilemma.

Thing is, considering the size and growth of the industry, and also the fact that sex sells and will continue to, a clamp down on prostitution will not be creating any solutions but a clear pathway for the industry to be colonised by underground business mafias, this threatens to create more danger for everyone except the mafia Lords who'd be basking in profits. This could turn out to be a return to slave trade, albeit in the 21st century. The disadvantages of this are much more greater.

What Gingr is aiming to do is create a unified platform for willing sex workers through the blockchain. With the blockchain smart contract technology, all business parties of the sex industry will seamlessly integrate. Like said earlier, this is a big business and the Gingr platform is keen to protect willing sex workers by giving them a decentralized full control over their dealing and eliminating the challenges of human trafficking, assault, manipulation, etc.

With the Gingr platform, willing sex workers will have access to work with a host potential clients withing close range through a free enlisting system. This means they have to stay in control of their location, clients, fees, etc.

Gingr uses two key features to work for willing sex workers, the instafuck and Hook up. The platform is basically free for everyone who intends to make use of it, by creating a free account through registration and also enlisting for free. However, premium features are only available for premium users.

Thе Gingr token (GGC)

Building a well structured platform like the Gingr will require security, transparency and stability. This is the aim of the GGC. The indigenous currency of the platform that will be used for the payments of the various services listed on the platform.

Regardless of how you see prostitution, its still a big industry with a lot financial prospects. The pimps who run the orthodox ways of sex-working have been the main benefactors of the profits generated, but that's going to be a thing in the past now. Gingr will provide a lasting solution to the problem by giving control back to the true willing sex workers, thereby combating trafficking, assault, abuse and integrating a fully well structured system where willing sex workers can freely do their thing knowing that they have full control.

You can get more information through the following links.

Website: https://ggcico.io/
Whitepaper: https://api.ggcoin.ch/download/pdf/ggc-white-paper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GingrICO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gingr.ch/
Telegram: https://t.me/gingrggcgroup

Written by Goodnuel

Bounty0x username: Goodnuel

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