GameCredits Inc Run MobileGo Crowdfund Raises $4.5 M First 4 Hours

in blockchain •  2 years ago 


The GameCredits Team is on its way to secure marketing and developing funds for the penetration of the online gaming sector. The recently unveiled GameCredits Mobile Store (BETA) ( is aimed to be a disruptive and competitive platform offering gamers and game developers revolutionary benefits. The GameCredits project has seen an influx in support in the last month, as new cryptocurrency community members wait in anticipation for the GameCredits Mobile Store and the MobileGo Crowdsale. Demand for GAME has also increased in the last month, with the coin increasing from .32 USD to a higher of over 1 USD..

To learn more about MobileGo Crowdsale's first day, check press release on

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Trading GAMECREDITS at times and look forward to continuing developments!

Ill I have to buy with is eth and it won't give me an address to send to. Seems like I'm gonna miss out on this one.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello there! 😊 I purchased Mobile go tokens during the crowdfunding and have received an email from MobileGo but I'm not sure what to do next to receive the tokens that they are distributing. I tried to go into my mobile go account but it has been frozen for hours. I'm not sure what to do as I paid for the tokens from a Bitcoin exchange wallet ... please help

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