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RE: Storj Review - Altcoin Fundamentals

in #blockchain8 years ago

This write-up is awesome! I'm sorta bummed that you've only got 25 votes so far - this is really valuable information.

As someone who doesn't have the time or technical knowhow to mine/farm/etc all the different crypto assets out there, but is still curious about all the different use cases of all these blockchain protocols, your review is super helpful.

The best part about this: it's unbiased - it's not a puff-piece. You don't seem to be getting economic incentives from're just telling it like you see it - the good and the bad. Upvoted and followed! Looking forward to your next post.


Thank you for the compliments. For us, it's simply a pleasure to observe so much innovation after a time where the Internet started to feel a bit stagnant (and highly centralized). More to follow. Let's see what happens next.

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